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    I want to integrate pabbly subscription billing into my spayee account .

    Hello Amit, Yes, you can process the payment through PSB but, you will need to list your courses as products/plans on Pabbly as well. Then you can embed the unique checkout pages generated for each course in your website so that the payment can go through PSB and after successful payment, you...
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    Custom Payment Gateway (Helcim)

    Hello Scarlett, We have reverted to the ticket you raised with us. Please refer to that once and let us know if you need further support.
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    Connecting the Preview and the Main Program

    Hello Sanjeev, As we discussed earlier, since the enrolling will happen through the MAIN program only, the workflow is already set in your account and you don't have to set any different workflow for that.
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    Add Offline Payment (and admin-confirm)

    You can check this with the CashApp Team.
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    Connecting the Preview and the Main Program

    Hello Sanjeev, As per our discussion yesterday, with the current system It is not possible to have a white label arrangement as you mentioned above. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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    Issue with Adding Custom Fields Api With Subscription

    Hello Sanket, We have now fixed and updated the "Add Custom Fields With Subscription" API. Please test it at your end and if the problem persists, do let us know.
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    Issue with Adding Custom Fields Api With Subscription

    Hello Sanket, Our team is resolving the issue associated with Adding Custom Fields API and will revert to you once done. Thanks for your patience in advance.
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    Add Offline Payment (and admin-confirm)

    Hey, There might be some miscommunication. Let us explain it like this. 1. If you want to use your own payment gateway(like Cashapp), then we are offering an open integrated payment API through which you can integrate any payment gateway of your choice. But, the payment will be made instantly...
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    Working of Billing Cycle in PSB

    The billing date is set according to the first payment made. That means when the first payment is successful and the subscription is activated, from that day onwards the billing cycle will start for that subscription. However, there can be 2 cases. Let's understand it here. Case 1: Customer...
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    I haven't received my affiliate commission.

    Hello Anand, We have reverted to the ticket that you raised with us. Kindly refer to that once.
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    Portal Questions

    Hello, Please find answers to your queries in below points: 1. You need to add SSL to your domain and sub-domain in order to remove this error. You can also refer to the following guide for further assistance - 2. You...
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    Why BIG icons in dashboard suddenly?

    Hello Daniel, After login, please do a hard refresh (CTRL+F5) and check again.
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    What happens if i inactivate/change or delete a subscription plan

    Hello Daniel, The new changes will only be applicable to the subscriptions purchased after the changes. The users who bought the subscription before that will continue to be charged as per their subscription(before change).
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    Remove the video in affiliate

    Hello Daniel, We have taken your suggestion into consideration and the video will be removed soon.
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    Search SALES by Customer Name shows "no matching results found"

    Hey Daniel, We have now added the functionality to search the "Sales" section with "first name" + "last name" combined. Hence, we request you to try it at your end.