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    Urgent - Need help with Uteach Integration with Pabbly.

    Uteach integration is live - Please login to your account and check at your end.
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    Whatsapp Cloud API

    Check this video tutorial for the same.
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    Duplicate entries

    Please test your workflow now and let us know if the duplicate issue persists.
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    Cannot view actions in dropdown

    First click on Save & Send Test button to get the response. Then the response should be available for mapping in further steps -
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    Error while adding registrant to zoom webinar

    Please reauthorize the Zoom app again to make sure that the add meeting registrant starts working fine. There are some changes done by the Zoom team that leads to the issue earlier on.
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    waiting for webhook response

    Check this tutorial to know how to capture webhook response in case of Google Sheets -
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    How to change my facebook account and page?

    Please create a video and show us how exactly you're doing it at your end currently.
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    waiting for webhook response

    In which application you have added the webhook URL? Further did you a made test submission so that the webhook response can be captured here. Do checkout the below video tutorial which explains the working with webhooks -
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    WhatsApp connection and recieveing messages

    You can collect the replies over Google Sheet as explained here -
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    ScoreApp Integration

    You can request for building integration with them here and upvote it -
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    Pabbly Connects Hangs about 90% of the time that I try to add a new step

    Do let us know if you need with any other thing.
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    CHAT API not working anylonger

    You can collect the response over Google Sheets as shown here -
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    How to remove + sign on a phone number

    Check this workaround -
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    Email parser being triggered without data

    We have fixed the issue and it won't appear in future.
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    Urgent - Need help with Uteach Integration with Pabbly.

    The Utech integration is still under review and it will be published soon. We will keep you posted once the integration is made live.