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    Webhook Structure Changed Unexpectedly

    Hi Dan, Thank you for contacting us. We haven't done any changes on data.transaction.receipt_email because this data comes from the Stripe Payment gateway. If you're looking for the customer data like customer email, then you'll get this data inside the customer section which we have recently...
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    Ray Mizzi PBS Issues and Requests

    Hi Ray, You can now see the Tax ID name on the invoice as well, the same Tax ID name that you have added on the checkout page. In your case, Receipting i.e. fetching NDIS Client no. using the tax system onto the invoice. Please check it from your end as well.
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    Coupon Type / All Discussion

    Requirements for Coupon -> 1. Coupon should be only valid if the total purchase amount exceeds a certain threshold. For eg - A coupon of 30% applicable if you purchase for $200 or more. 2. Dynamic coupon codes 3. 100% coupon applied option 4. Upload Multiple Coupons Codes via CSV or...
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    Plan Type - All Discussion

    Other Features -> 1. Pause Subscription with an auto-renewal option. 2. Metered Billing. 3. Subscription Billing Date Change. 4. Addon. 5. Dunning Management. 6. Email Notification.
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    Pre-set country code

    Hi, The codes for passing the country and state as auto-fill on the checkout page - ?country=us&state_code=CA Where the "us" is the country code for the United States and "CA" is the state code for California. Just add the above code on the checkout page URL and the country and state will...
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    Plan Type - All Discussion

    1. Pay What You Want -> If I am adding a minimum price amount while creating the plan, the customer can't add the plan amount less than that amount. For example -> Minimum amount = $10, then the customer can't add the plan amount less than $10 on the checkout page. 2. Digital File Upload...