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    Resume ?? Subscription was resumed but did not Charge

    Hello Ray, As per your discussion with Avneesh, we hope your issue is being resolved now. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. Best Regards, Sourabh
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    New Update - Delete Customer API

    With this updated "Delete Customer API", all records/entries of the Customer including Subscriptions, Invoices, Sales, and Customer details will get automatically deleted. You can find the process of deleting Customers through API in the below-given link...
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    Now, you can add credits to your customers' accounts so they can enjoy discount benefits on their payments. Let's understand this with an example. Suppose your customer subscribed to a $100 monthly plan and had paid the 1st payment of $100 but now for some reason, you need to provide a $50...
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    I want to integrate pabbly subscription billing into my spayee account .

    Hello, We request you to share you extended use case with us so that we can assist you accordingly. Also, we would like to let you know that Pabbly Subscription Billing offers open API using which you can achive your use case.
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    Updated default date range as Last 30 days

    Pabbly Subscription Billing launched a recent update which has a default date range as the Last 30 days as shown below: In this you will be able to view records of Last 30 days only. If you want to view all records, please change date range to "All Time" as shown above.
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    Add Offline Payment (and admin-confirm)

    Hello, I apologize to inform you that you can't add any offline payment option on the Checkout page. In this case, you can manually create a Subscription and then record a payment in Invoice. Just you need to go to Subscription Section<<Add Subscription. Once Subscription is created, go to...
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    Print invoices

    Hello Daniel, Yes, you can Export all Invoices in CSV format using Export option as shown below from Invoice Section: Thank you.
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    Assign customer to affiliate when upgrading

    Hello, You can go ahead and add commission manually to the customer by following simple steps: Affiliate Section>>Commission>>Add Manual Commission. I hope the above information helps. Best Regards, Sourabh
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    pabbly connect LTD / subscrptions LTD

    Let me help you with this and introduce Pabbly Subscription Billing which:- 1. Is affordable and user-friendly. 2. Comes with 35+ country-wise dedicated payment gateways so you can collect payments from any part of the world. 3. Has an inbuilt affiliate module to boost your sales with the help...
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    Date format of CSV exports

    Hello, Currently, We don't have this feature in which Pabbly can export data in Excel for Customers. Also, The feedback is acknowledged. Once we implement this feature, we will provide you update regarding the same. Thank you.
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    Date format of CSV exports

    Hello, You need to remove/Change some texts like Coordinate Universal Time etc. so Excel can recognize your command after which you will be able to use excel formulas to calculate. Thank you.
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    REgarding custom domain

    Hello Aditya, You can redirect Users to custom thank you page using Redirect URL option as shown below: Product Section>>Add a Plan/Edit Plan>>Redirect URL>>Save. If we are missing something, please Let us know with the Screenshot of the Issue so that we can analyze the Issue and assist you...
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    Backup of Subscription Billing data

    Hello, No, you are not going wrong. You can Export 250 Contacts/Subscription at one time with Pabbly Subscription Billing. Also, you can select all contact with one Click as shown below: I hope this resolves your Issue. Thank you.
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    i want some one to help integrate custom payment gateway i have tap payment gateway account

    Hello, Thanks for Information needed. I have escalated your request to our concerned department and will revert you back with the updates. Best Regards.
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    i want some one to help integrate custom payment gateway i have tap payment gateway account

    Hello, We request you to Let us know in which Countries this Payment gateway is Used mostly and what are the Currency this Payment gateway supports so we can assist you in best possible way. Best Regards