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    Workflow Stopped Executing

    Hey @Tirezyas We have enabled the execution of the workflow with the Email Parser trigger event. So now you can re-execute the workflow easily. Kindly cross-check the filter condition from the workflow and the task history Id whether the Filter action steps condition gets fulfilled or not.
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    how can i connect Ecwid and Lulu?

    Hey @planwithart There is no such action event and their API doesn't provide such functionality to split the amount via API and then distribute it to the individual. So, your use case is not possible on the platform.
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    Workiom integration deletes all field data for ignored fields :-O

    Hey @apps We have made the required changes in the "Workiom: Update Record" action step and it shall work now. Kindly try this at your end and let us know if that works for you.
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    CompanyHub Invalid Header error

    Hey @John Van Hulst Seems like the format of the domain which you are passing is not the correct way. Please check out the following screenshot and then try again accordingly.
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    Replacement for Chat API

    Hey @kumar007 You can use the following application to integrate WhatsApp into your Pabbly workflow. Ex - 360 Dialog, WATI, Chat API, etc
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    Convertkit to WATI integration isn't working

    Hey @Ravitej Janagouda To extract the extra data of the subscriber you can use the "ConvertKit: Find a Subscriber" action step.
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    Webhook > Xero Create a new quote draft

    Hey @matthew.gillard As we can see from your screenshot you have passed the email address in place of the "Contact ID" fields instead of the Contact Id of that person. Though we have corrected the action step for you and it is working fine now.
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    Need Shiprocket Integration to Retrieve Buyer's Contact Details for WhatsApp Notifications

    Hey @cybershopindia Seems like you haven't connected your ShipRocket account correctly. Kindly re-connect the action step again with the correct credentials and then try again.
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    Can not update items multiple columns

    Hey @kuldeep As we can see in your "Update profile when New Payment Received " workflow and it seems like you have already configured the action steps to update the column values in your Kindly try the complete execution and let us know if you get stuck at any step.
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    Groovepages form to Acumbamail issue

    Hey @socialcircle We looked into your worklfow along with its latest task history Id and it seems like the name and email address are processing to Acumbamail accordingly.
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    Issue with Infinity app

    Hey @matthew.gillard Please allow us some time, we are currently looking into your concern and shall update you soon.
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    Xero: Missing "Invoice #" field on Create Invoice

    Hey @Fusion We have added the Invoice field in the respective action event in the Xeros' Integration. Kindly re-connect the action step and then try again.
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    Coalesce or first non-null

    Hey @rsayad We looked into your concern and seems like it is not possible to pass the null value on the "Default Value" action step's response.
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    Hey @touheed.jamal It will fetch all emails irrespective of whether the email landed in Updates/Promotions/Forum Tabs from Gmail. How exactly you have set the filter in Gmail for forwarded emails to the Pabbly Connect email parser.
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    Hey @Keith22 You can use the "Text Formatter: Split Text" action step for your concern. Kindly try this at your end and let us know if that helps you out.