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    YouTube Create Video doesn't work

    It's actually associated with the content length. File URL should always send the Content-Length otherwise the YouTube action will only allow you to upload files up to 50 MB in size, and you will receive the warning message "Unknown file size. Upload limit 49.996 MB" in the response.
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    URGENT Help needed - Account upgrade didnt happen after Payment. Please help ASAP

    Its already updated. If you're making a purchase, then make sure to log out once and then access your Pabbly Connect account again so that you can see the tasks assigned.
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    YouTube Create Video doesn't work

    Please allow some time to check on this. The error seems to be associated with the file format. We shall have an update for you on this soon.
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    YouTube Post Video Playlist

    Thanks for sharing the feedback. We will try to introduce the option specifying the playlist as well in the future. You will receive an email notification from our end regarding the same once its available.
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    Account upgraded, payment taken, but upgrade not active

    We have responded to your ticket - #399132 Hi, I just upgraded my account. Payment has been taken from my card but I have not confirmation email and the upgrade is not showing in my account. Please check it.
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    YouTube Create Video doesn't work

    Because of Category ID, it was creating an error. We have made that field as required and its working fine - Please try uploading video now and let us know if its working as expected.
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    How to add tasks

    If you need tasks, then you need to purchase a monthly plan on top of your existing one-time plan. You can simply click on upgrade button and purchase a monthly plan starting from $19 where you get 12,000 tasks -
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    Google My Business paid plan

    We already provide integration with Google My Business where uploading photos is possible directly. You don't need to make use of their APIs directly - Please check this video for the same as well where it is being informed...
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    Google My Business paid plan

    Google My Business API is free of cost. It does have API limitations on per day basis which you can check here -
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    YouTube Create Video doesn't work

    Thanks for the information. We are looking into your issue and will update you in a while. Please don't delete that workflow in the meantime.
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    YouTube Create Video doesn't work

    Please share the name of workflow so that we can review the setup you're doing.
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    How Pabbly Tasks are calculated

    Pabbly Connect pricing plans are based on the number of tasks. Check monthly plans here - A workflow consists of the trigger and action steps consisting of applications you wish to integrate with. A workflow can have a single trigger and one or more...
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    Instantly Action

    Currently we only have trigger events available for Instantly integration -
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    Unable to get the data of my calendly schedule calls to my google sheet

    We have emailed your ticket #390339 as well. Please check and respond to the same.
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    Google Cloud Vision API

    In order to generate, Google Cloud Vision API, you will first need to access your Google Cloud console account from here - Now create a new project or select an existing project as shown below - As soon as you click on "Create" button, you will be...
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    How can I change the email associated with my account?

    We don't allow changing Pabbly account email addresses as per our policies.
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    Workflows are Turning Off Automatically

    We recommend using the "New Lead (Instant)" method as shown below - Here's the exact video demonstration as well for the same -
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    If google ads balance balance is either exhausted or nearly exhausted need to send whatsapp message to customer

    Currently the automation you're looking forward to doing is not possible.
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    Looker studio action

    Right now, we don't have integration with Looker Studio/Data Studeo. Please send the request for adding integration with them here and upvote the same -
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    No responses in

    The integration team works on the basis of a number of votes, and after checking the proper compatibility for the requested integrations. Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with an ETA. Once a particular integration request is made, you shall receive an email notification for the same.