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  1. Gunjan Arora

    Custom Fields Issue in Update Contact action of Get Response

    Pabbly connect shows custom filed ID dropdown only in Update Contact action of Get Response. How will we know which custom field it is and instead of showing ids can you show names? Also what if we have more than 1 custom fields? How to pass data in that case?
  2. Gunjan Arora

    No Custom Fields in Get Response Create New Contact action

    Why there are no options to pass cusotm fields data in Get Response's integration? In your update contact action it is showing custom field ids, so it should be possible to pass custom field data while we create a new contact. Can you please check?
  3. Gunjan Arora

    Search Contact action is Broken in Get Response app Integration

    We want to search contact using Email address across all the lists in Get Response. To do that we tried to use "Search Contact" action of your Get Response integration. But it is broken. Please let us know how can we solve this issue?