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    Recurring Plan with Razorpay

    Hello, Do pabbly automatically deducts money from the recurring plan or it will send invoice every month? and in my dashboard, it says the next payment is on a particular date.
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    Recurring Payments via Razorpay Gateway

    Hello Guys, I have got a doubt regards with Razorpay recurring payment, If I use Pabbly subscription billing along with Razorpay can I charge my customers on a monthly basis automatically? and Do all Indian Credit/Debit card supports recurring payment if I use Pabbly subscription billing? when...
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    Lead Connector Custom Field

    Hello Guys, I'm Facing an issue with the Lead connector custom field, I created Trigger as an appointment and action as Whatsapp Cloud API. So, what happens here is Pabbly is not getting appointment time data from GHL. So, how can I get that appointment time on the custom field? I'll be...
  4. J funnel leads automation process

    Hello guys, I have a doubt about the automation process. I'm going to run a webinar campaign and I've created a funnel using what I'm planning to do is whenever the leads registered on my funnel, I need to send a message on their registered email and WhatsApp immediately after they...