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    Account upgraded, payment taken, but upgrade not active

    I have paid to upgrade my account, payment has been taken from my card, but upgrade not active in my account. No confirmation email either but payment shows on my card. Support chat not responding even though button shows 'we are online'. I hesitated a long time to sign up and now this...
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    connecting Zenler to Mailerlite

    Funnels have their own automation triggers (on subscribe to funnel) Other automation tools allow have this option so clearly there is a way to do this. Is this something I can hope for in the near future?
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    connecting Zenler to Mailerlite

    Hello, I am new to pabbly (but have used other automation tools). I want to copy user email plus tags from Zenler to Mailerlite, when someone enrols in a funnel on Zenler. I can find 'enrol in course' trigger but I want to trigger with 'enrol in funnel'. Does that mean I cannot set up this kind...