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  1. Subin

    Creation of Certificates and sending on WhatsApp through wati

    Hey @agarwala.pooja ! Kindly let us know the workflow name in which you have done the setup? So we can check on it and guide you further.
  2. Subin

    issue with API call

    Hey @ubaidullahfarooq ! We have reverted you back over the ticket/email- 413699 Do check and let us know about it.
  3. Subin


    Hey @rjwalkerz3sm & @jonbstrong ! There was an unexpected downtime. We sincerely apologize for all the inconvenience caused.
  4. Subin

    Trigger Frequency for applications.

    Update time differs from application to application within Pabbly Connect. Webhooks-Based application like WooCommerce, Shopify, or Google Sheets, brings in the data instantly. Whereas, Polling-Based applications like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram checks for updates every 10mins. We would...
  5. Subin

    Paid for the plan, but didn't get task assigned to your account?

    Once you have made the purchase for a plan and then it is not assigned to your account- In this case, kindly logout from your Pabbly Connect account - And then Login back, you will see your task assign to your account- Hope, this thread solves your task concern
  6. Subin

    Payment use wrong email

    Hey @Chhan Pheak ! We have reverted you back over your email/ticket- 402945
  7. Subin

    include email signature in automated response

    Hey @fasports ! Sure, you can convert your image into an HTML format and then add it to your email content, then that would be possible to do so- Kindly check it once at your end and let us know if this works for you.
  8. Subin

    Where are Pabbly Connect servers located at?

    Pabbly Connect servers are located in US Oregon and we use Amazon Web Services. Moreover, you can check our privacy policy here-
  9. Subin

    Pabbly Lifetime Deal and Upgrading

    Hey @manuelmontiel ! Sure you can make a purchase for any of our monthly plans to add additional tasks over your existing OneTime plan. The purchase will add more tasks to your existing plan and can be used till you wish to use them. Once you think that you do not require to continue with the...
  10. Subin

    How do I stop subscribing

    Hey @PA Verifikasi ! We have replied back over your email.
  11. Subin

    How do I stop subscribing

    Hey @PA Verifikasi ! We have reverted you back over your ticket- 382836 Kindly check on it and let us know your views.
  12. Subin

    Request Paypal Subscription

    Hey @veeco ! We have reverted you back over your ticket- 379316 . Kindly check and let us know.
  13. Subin

    How to set default value(null value) for select action fields?

    Hey @[email protected] ! We have reverted you back over the ticket- 373961
  14. Subin

    How to send Whatsapp messages via WhatsApp cloud API in sequence?

    Hey @Smart Accountants ! The messages sent will always be in sequence only. As per your use case you can check on this video tutorial- Hope, this works for you.
  15. Subin

    Trouble With Google Drive Folders Within Folders

    Hey @mattlandgrebe ! Workflow 1 Trigger: I add a new company to my CRM Action: Google Drive folder is created with the name of the company in a specific place in my Google Drive This can be done, but please let us know which CRM will you be using and also does it supports Webhook with them? So...
  16. Subin

    Google Mybusiness Comment not visible

    Hey @Smart Accountants ! Kindly re-connect the Google My Business step, it will start to show you the comments fields- Do check and once you have the comment field, you can use it inside your workflow then. Hope, this works for you.
  17. Subin

    transmit an image from telegram to facebook post!

    Hey @gunhudson ! We need to test this concern, as the bot will post on behalf of you inside the channel or groups once its an admin for it. We'll revert you back on this once we do the test.
  18. Subin

    Google Sheets Rows not Deleting

    Hey @Grady8080 ! You need to use row number of your preceding value first in the "Start Row", and then the actual row which needs to be deleted in "End Row". Eg- Kindly make this changes, then it will start to delete your rows for every automation. Hope, this works for you now.
  19. Subin

    Auto Google Review 404 Not Found

    Hey @macmarketing ! We have updated the workflow for you and the step is now working- You can continue to work on it further.
  20. Subin

    Asana follower not mapable

    Hey @oroettger ! We can see in the both Asana step in your router 2, the response is correct, it seems the issue was resolved at your end- Kindly do a tets submission and check if this is working for you in the automation now. Hope, to hear from you soon.