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    Webhook work on Zapier and not here

    Hey @digitaltown Could you please try the same scenario using and let me know if you are able to receive the notifications?
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    API data processing in batches

    Hey @shaily Unfortunately Queuing the data in the batch is not possible on the platform.
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    API data processing in batches

    Hey @shaily Did you tried adding a new lead in your SalesForce, we can see from your history logs that your workflow is getting the lead details accordingly. Not to mention, the SalesForce trigger event is a polling-based trigger event that will fetch a new lead every 10 minutes, so don't be...
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    Crove Integration - missing input fields and response data

    We advise you to speak with their staff since it looks they were the ones who established the integration of Crove on the platform. The API response always sends by the application from their server, Pabbly does not interfere with the incoming API response. So, you would be required to contact...
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    Impossible to find GCLID in Manychat

    Hey @vanibenitez You may refer to the first part of the video on how you can extract the GCLID from your Google Ads account.
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    How can I make quotes video auto with Creatomate and IA?

    Hey @nyunft Kindly check whether the key you are passing exists in your account or not.
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    LinkedIn business pages not listed

    Hey @Jan As we can see from your workflow we couldn't see any invalid connection response in the Linkedin action step or in the History log. Seems like you have already resolved the concern.
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    Formula Understanding Help Required

    Hey @Tony0828 Kindly try this formula once in your action step. IF('John' = 'John', 'Hello!', 'Goodbye!')
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    how to get a random image within the list that I am getting from pexels image list?

    Hey @surositar If you are using any other Pabbly account with another email address, please share that with us in which the workflow exists.
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    Eventbrite 403 error "You do not have permission to access the resource you requested."

    You may identify with the API response displayed and can check the token expiration from the API documentation.
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    Using Clickfunnels to sell books on Lulu

    Hey @victor.ciardelli Unfortunately, Lulu API documentation doesn't offer action events to cancel the orders.
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    Nifty PM bug on create task

    Further, try the "Nifty PM Get Object By ID SS" action step once after the trigger event to extract the relative data with the help of Id.
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    Pabbly Trigger Delays

    Hey @Eric15 Indeed we have checked all your three task histories, since it is a webhook-type trigger event, you need to check from the Clikfunnel account whereas Pabbly only takes the webhook response once sent by the application.
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    I'm getting due date is negative

    Hey @nor Please share the name of the workflow along with the action step in which you have noticed the same.
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    Skipping characters when writing to G Sheet

    Hey @aoris Please share your registered email address with Pabbly where your workflow exists so we can look into it.
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    WhatsApp API

    You can copy and paste the following action step for your requirement.
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    FB Lead Form: Save & Send test request not working

    Thanks for your feedback. I'll take it into consideration while updating the article. Your input helps to make the information more comprehensive and user-friendly.
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    Nifty PM bug on create task

    Hey @mehdi18 Can you please share the name of the workflow in which you have tried the same?
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    Buggy Date/time formatter

    Hey @adamloo Our technical team is currently looking into it.
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    LinkedIn business pages not listed

    Can you elaborate on your concern about which action step of Office 365, you have faced such an error?