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    Embed Checkout Page

    Pabbly subscription helps you to give your customers a flawless checkout experience without being redirected anywhere. You can embed your Pabbly checkout page on your website without any hassle. How To Use It In Website? When you create a plan in your Pabbly account, an embed plan link is...
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    On mobile, Checkout pages not showing total and one other issue

    Hello, 1. You can try to "Reset" the checkout page to show the order total. If the problem persists, kindly let us know. 2. As we checked, we found that you have put the gateway's name as "Stripe_Brown" and hence it is shown like that on the checkout page also. You can change it from Settings...
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    1 time invoicing

    Kindly rejoin with the same meeting link.
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    1 time invoicing

    Hello, Can we connect on call to discuss your concern? You can schedule a call with us here -
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    Payment Gateway Integration I cant move forward to complete all fields.

    Hello Dan, Thanks for reaching out. You need to complete the 3 basic steps i.e adding a product, a plan, and a test gateway. Then all the other options will be enabled for you to use. You can change the product and plan later accordingly. Hope this clarifies.
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    Customer Portal > Subscription > Cancel Subscription - text doesn't make sense

    The team is discussing your feedback and we might just remove the text so the customers must not get confused.
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    Recurring Plan with Razorpay

    If you are using the Razorpay Subscription payment method, then Pabbly will automatically deduct money for recurring plans. Here is the integration guide - Razorpay onetime will send invoices every month to users to pay the...
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    Recurring Payments via Razorpay Gateway

    If you are using the Razorpay Subscription payment method, then Pabbly will automatically deduct money for recurring plans. Here is the integration guide - Razorpay Onetime will not automatically deduct recurring payments...
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    Metered Billing / Metered Plan Feature

    We're excited to announce the addition of a new metered plan option in Pabbly Subscription Billing. This feature will allow you to bill your customers based on usage, rather than a fixed rate, giving you more flexibility and control over your billing process. This new feature is perfect for...
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    How do I name my company?

    You can change the company name from the profile settings. Go to Settings >> Profile Settings >> Company name. Hope this helps.
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    Subscription billing + affiliate

    Hello @Nurpay, Sorry for the delay. Yes, we do have an Affiliate management system in Pabbly Subscription Billing. Learn more about our affiliate module here -
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    Tax Rule Priorities📊📈

    When it comes to tax rules, priorities play a crucial role in determining which rule applies in a given situation. In general, tax rules with more specific criteria will supersede those with broader criteria. For example, if you have a tax rule that applies to a specific product, plan, country...
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    Adyen Paygate integration not working

    Sorry for the inconvenience. The team member invitation link has expired. Can you please send the team member request again?
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    Subscription renewal shows setup fee will also renew?

    Hello there! We checked this on our end and found a technical glitch in the email template. It will be fixed soon and your customer will not be charged with the setup fee.
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    My Subscription Form's Billing doesn't work?

    Hello, Can we get on a call to discuss your use case and assist you better? You can schedule a call with us here -
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    Recurring subscription for Malaysia

    Pabbly has a dunning management system. So, you can set the notification email and frequency according to you. If the payment is not made on the due date then you can start sending the reminder emails the next day. Here is how it works -
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    Recurring subscription for Malaysia

    Hello, With Billplz payment gateway, for every recurring payment, a payable invoice will be sent to the customer, regardless of the payment method selected for the payment.
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    SSL on Custom Domain

    Hello @msaharan29, As we can see you are operating your custom domain separately. We would like to let you know that your custom domain would be displayed in Pabbly's checkout page URLs, thank you page URLs, shareable invoice URLs, affiliate sign-up URL, & Client Portal Sign-in URLs. Kindly...
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    Your connection is not private

    This error is due to the absence of an SSL certificate. Kindly follow the procedure to add an SSL certificate as mentioned in the following guide -
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    How can I setup custom domain for Affiliates

    Hello Ryan, To onboard the affiliates, you need to provide them with the affiliate signup link. To find the affiliate signup link go to Affiliate >> Affiliate settings >> General Settings >> Affiliate signup URL. This link will also reflect your custom domain. Hope this helps.