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  1. phil

    Value not properly formatted

    Hi, using WordPress Webhook to update a contact in Platformly, everytime an user change any details on their user profile. It worked perfectly, but I had to change the Platformly step as it appeared to be deprecated. Now I get a "Values Object is not Properly Formatted" error, even if I use...
  2. phil

    Kirim Email trigger when message bounced/failed

    Hi, is it possible to add Kirim Mail as trigger when a sent transactional message bounced or failed? Thanks
  3. phil

    Wordpress Featured Image and Custom Post Type.

    Hi, is it possible to automatically create a new Wordpress custom post type when a new post is added in Facebook? I would just need to copy the FB subject as post title and the picture as WP featured image. Wasn't able to find any solution in the current PC modules. Thanks for any suggestion.
  4. phil

    media upload wordpress

    Any news on this matter? Or is already implemented?
  5. phil

    Create a ticket in Helpwise

    Already contacted the Helpwise team, and they will add a hook to create a thread. I'll keep you updated.
  6. phil

    Create a ticket in Helpwise

    Hi, sorry for the misunderstanding. For a "Ticket" I mean a conversation. They provide an endpoint "Conversions/threads" to create a message/ticket for a customer.
  7. phil

    Create a ticket in Helpwise

    Not quite sure to understand the Helpwise integration. Let's say I have an online form sending "name", "email", "message" of the customer. How do I create a ticket in Helpwise like FROM: "name"<"email"> TO: [email protected] SUBJECT: New Message BODY: "message" The current integration let me...
  8. phil

    Upload to SFTP

    Would it be possible to upload collected data (example from a WooCommerce Order) to a SFTP folder using Pabbly?
  9. phil

    Date calculation error

    Why I get this wrong result here?
  10. phil

    Chain json results as string

    Ok, noted. Thanks for your help.
  11. phil

    Chain json results as string

    By the way, if you use multiple Text Replace module, you won't even need the json extractor. Simply replace all ", [ and ] and you get a value1,value2 string
  12. phil

    Chain json results as string

    Thanks for your help, Naveen. That's the same solution I am using in my workflow, but doesn't look a bit....weird? Especially when you have different logical mappings, it looks like a maze in a jungle ;) A text filter, that allows only certain characters to go trough (ex. A-Z, 0-9), would be a...
  13. phil

    Chain json results as string

    I have created a simpler one, for you to test
  14. phil

    Chain json results as string

    If I turn off the simple response on the Google Sheet step the Json extractor don't deliver the ALL value
  15. phil

    Chain json results as string

    In my case Naveer solutionwon't work. I get the values from the Google Sheet module so I cannot use the Json extractor to get all values
  16. phil

    Chain json results as string

    Yes it's troublesome. Please consider adding a variable module in PC, that allows iterations. That would make operation more simple and wouldn't need multiple steps. This would be easy like foreach ($module_result as $value) { $value = $value & "\n"; } return $value I will check the...
  17. phil

    Chain json results as string

    Keep changing, otherwise it would be easy ;)
  18. phil

    Chain json results as string

    A module return a json payload with a X number of results, like values > 0 > 0 Apple values > 1 > 0 Orange values > 2 > 0 Pear and I need to generate a multi-line string like Apple Orange Pear Which is the best way?
  19. phil

    Retrieve vouchers from a list in Google Sheets

    You cannot pick codes randomly, as every Voucher can be used only one time
  20. phil

    PC and static variables

    There's no module to store static variables in Pabbly? It would be helpful in some workflows to save data we can use in different tasks. Even better if it could save arrays, we could use as variables grid. Ex. [Paris,France,London,UK,Manchester,UK,Madrid,Spain....]