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    Pabbly can't seem to receive IPN from Paypal today?

    Yes, I followed every single step to set up Paypal. And did numerous tests (paying Paypal fee in each transaction). Here's the record of sending IPN but Pabbly is not receiving anything. So Pabbly has removed the contact button. There is no way whatsoever to get in touch with customer support...
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    Pabbly can't seem to receive IPN from Paypal today?

    Anyone has similar experience? Since today, I tested and Paypal showed IPN was sent, but Pabbly couldn't capture it... Any help? Can't find support email...
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    Facebook Conversions Graph API

    Please make this easier to use, too. Support sent me info on what those parameters are, BUT didn't tell me how to GET them to put into the fields! Thanks for working on this. People running facebook ads will flock to Pabbly for this.
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    Airtable number field doesn't accept numbers

    I'm trying to update a record in Airtable. The field is in number type, but doesn't accept number. The error message is: error > type INVALID_VALUE_FOR_COLUMN error > message Field "search past 30d" cannot accept the provided value How to correct this?
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    How to connect to 2 different Stripe accounts?

    When I create a webhook for Stripe connection, it keeps giving me the same URL. How do I connect 2 different Stripe accounts (in different workflows)?