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    Multiple Actions With A Single Workflow

    Hello. I use Pabbly together with another software program Cloud Waitress. Cloud Waitress is an online ordering system and they only allow 2 webhooks coming into their platform. I currently need 3 or 4 different integrations but I can only run 2 with my limited knowledge of pabbly. I'm...
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    API Shorty SMS

    Hi Guys, I'm hoping someone could help me with the last step of this api integration I'm trying to achieve. Please see short video here:
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    Connecting to ShortySMS using an API

    Hi Billy & Others. I was able to use your hard work to get most of the way but I can't seem to get the number into a specific contact list in ShortySms. Wondering if you might have any idea of how to do this? Here is a video of what I'm trying to do:
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    Connecting to ShortySMS using an API

    Does anyone know if this has been figured out yet? I have also had a really hard time including hiring api developers to get pabbly to work with shorty sms. This is an integration I really need and don't want to use Zapier. If any progress has been made please let me know.
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    Burst SMS & Pably

    Hello. I am using Burst SMS to build a list through Pably from Cloud Waitress online orders our restaurant is receiving. When people put " - " or " blank space " inbetween the phone number for example 519 702 9999 or 519-702-9999 it creates an error and doesn't work. If the customer checking...