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  1. Karek Rami

    ⭐️ Yandex Translate API 75$ Free Credits ⭐️

    i didn't find any translate API service that integrated with Pabbly. You guys should knowing that YANDEX Giving 75$ Free credits for any developer who want to get Translate API. all you need is link any type of card "Debit cards working" and you will receive the 75$ credits immediately. (Click...
  2. Karek Rami

    ⭐️ Trick For Hushed ⁿ Pabbly Users ⭐️

    We can use Pabbly to integrate Hushed Numbers With other Apps. For my use-case i would like to Receive Message/Call Logs from hushed to my Telegram. HUSHED ► SLACK ► PABBLY ► TELEGRAM I made Private Slack community for Hushed. Then linked my Hushed account with the Slack channel. Then...
  3. Karek Rami

    Woocommerce ► Pabbly ► Airtable

    Thank you.. it's working now
  4. Karek Rami

    Woocommerce ► Pabbly ► Airtable

    same issues for any new records check the Task IDS: Task History ID : IjE1OTk2OTA0Ig_3D_3D Task History ID : IjE2MDcxNDY3Ig_3D_3D Task History ID : IjE2MTAwMjk3Ig_3D_3D Receiving only two records through the API: only the test records work
  5. Karek Rami

    Woocommerce ► Pabbly ► Airtable

    Thanks, the last request you tested worked good, but any future requests have the same problem. SCR: Data in: Data out:
  6. Karek Rami

    Woocommerce ► Pabbly ► Airtable Orders Log
  7. Karek Rami

    Woocommerce ► Pabbly ► Airtable

    Trying to log the orders from woo commerce to Airtable through Pabbly. I'm getting error in Data out. Data In: Data Out: (Error: INVALID_VALUE_FOR_COLUMN ) In the airtable nothing showed only two fields are inserted IP & UA
  8. Karek Rami

    [Pabbly Connect] [Delay Action] Question ❓

    Hey guys, I have a question, please, does the pabbly delay action work with queue flows or not? I mean, if I use a delay for wait 12 hours and retrieve order #172 What will happen [IF] before the 12h delay ends new order created #173 does the order field id will change to #173 ? Or it's...
  9. Karek Rami

    🟥 [SOLVED]: Pabbly requests Blocked by Cloudflare

    Hello Pabbly team, thank you for your reply, for now I use a temporary solution and the problem solved by adding the Pabbly servers (AWS ASN) to the whitelist of cloudflare account and make firewall to bypass the blocking for pabbly... to save time, here's the Expression rules: (
  10. Karek Rami

    🟥 [SOLVED]: Pabbly requests Blocked by Cloudflare

    Hey guys, I'm trying to save my e-commerce orders to AIRTABLE the process in pabbly connect is: WC Order Created ==► Order Details saved on AIRTABLE sheet ==► Delay for 24h ==► pabbly will check order status if completed ==► update the order status in Airtable from hold to complete (last two...
  11. Karek Rami

    [Request] integration.

    Hello pabbly team, please is there any plan to integrate pebbly with