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  1. shazrinsaliman

    Gravity Form search API returns all instead of item searched

    I ran into some problem when im using Gravity Form Search API. I made request using API module domain/wp-json/gf/v2/forms/2/entries/?search={"field_filters": [{"key":6,"value":"[email protected]","operator":"is"}]} what im looking was: entries in form = 2 field id = 6 email = [email protected]
  2. shazrinsaliman

    Change Connection Without Having to Redo Whole Block

    Hi.. I want to change my API connection id without having to redo everything again. Is there a way to do this? Right now i can only access connections when i click this. then i need to redo everything again.. :sleep:
  3. shazrinsaliman

    Delay not working

    Thank you all, its working as expected.
  4. shazrinsaliman

    Delay not working

    Hello, any update to this query?
  5. shazrinsaliman

    Delay not working

    Hello, I am using delay module to delay a webhook trigger but it is not working as it stops here. The next flow would be api module but it did not trigger at all. Something wrong? Thanks
  6. shazrinsaliman

    How to create itemizer list from multiple values?

    Greetings, I think what @GauravBR meant was from these array, how do we combine these values into a single value? By using the above example, it would meant that google sheet will output multiple row in a single webhook trigger for multiple item in an order. For example, I would like to write...
  7. shazrinsaliman

    Can Google Sheet Add On triggered by multiple Column.

    Google Sheet triggered by multiple Column. As for example, I have column A, B, C. When user type something on A, it will triggered. Same as when they write something on B and C. I want each column triggers different set of webhooks. or same webhooks that have 3 different routes.
  8. shazrinsaliman

    Router Module problem.

    i cannot edit routers.