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    Razorpay- Knorish - Add user to a specific course

    In case I want to give discount coupons to users then the prices will change and the filters won't work right? So, what to do in such a situation?
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    Razorpay- Knorish - Add user to a specific course

    I created a connection between Razorpay and knorish. so, whenever someone makes payment on Razorpay for course A then he should be added to course A on knorish. This connection is working fine but the main problem is If someone makes for payment on Razorpay for any other course then also the...
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    Razorpay to Knorish Integration when payment captured on razorpay

    Hello, We are using knorish platform. I want to make a workflow were in whenever a payment is captured in Razorpay the user must be enrolled on that particular course in knorish platform and he should get the details like login Id and password to access the course. Thanks.