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    Signwell integration

    Hi there, could you please look at Signwell integration? Zapier has this integration for document signing and it's one of the few apps that's not yet available via Pabbly Connect. Much appreciated if you could explore this integration. Thanks, Andrew
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    Could we please have Flodesk as an integration thanks?
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    Underscores in emails

    Perfect, thanks so much! Appreciate it!
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    Underscores in emails

    It is not the email content... the workflow starts with Google Sheets. And there is an email field in the Google Sheet. For example: [email protected] But when the row is added, the underscore is stripped from the Google Sheet when it is transferred to Pabbly Connect. See image below. And...
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    Underscores in emails

    Yes, I'm using "Send an Email", not the Plain Text option.
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    Underscores in emails

    Hi, underscores ( _ ) in an email is being treated as spaces when passed from trigger to an action, or from 1 action to another. This is a problem when the content is an email. Workflow breaks down because the incorrect email address is being passed to Gmail. Could you please not process...