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    Dropbox -> Google Drive

    Can you share the PDF Link from your One Drive or which you are trying to open?
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    Code by Pabbly fails sometimes

    Hey @inochi Can you try using the Delay action step before the Code action step in which you are getting the error?
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    Zoho CRM Not Capturing Contact as per organizations selected.

    Hey @Souravarora We couldn't get much from the video you have recorded, can you please explain your concern briefly. Since from the video we can see the respective organisation is getting selected.
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    Naming Steps

    Hey @andrewstrealtor Our technical team has been notified of the query and is currently looking into it. We'll notify you as soon as we make any changes.
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    I want to generate a invoice with line items - How can I add multi-line items in Pabbly for documentero

    Hey @JamieZ Our technical team looked into this, and it appears that the platform cannot accommodate the API's structure. Therefore, integrating the Line Item support in the Product field in the action step is not possible.
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    Router By Pabbly is not working as expected

    Please manually type the name in the value field because it seems like you might have copy paste the name in the fields which could have contains a div hidden. So, please try passing the names manually. Further, we are checking on the trigger name and its icon. Though if you can click on...
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    Dropbox -> Google Drive

    Hey @SaraLaidlaw Can you please check and enable the downloadable pass file from DropBox? (Watch the first part of the video for a better understanding)
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    Instamojo Payment capture for Course Enrollment

    It seems like the webhook response you have captured might be the old one or you have deleted that payment from your Instamojo. So, please recapture the payment once and then try retrieving it. Make sure that you have connected your Instamojo account from their respective account only in the...
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    Pinterest BoardId Issue

    Hey @deborahlee After investigating your concern in this "Pinterest xxxxxxxxer 2" workflow and it seems like content which you are trying to pass the character limit by 1 character in the Pinterest action step. So, kindly check the description content and then try passing it under 500...
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    I want to generate a invoice with line items - How can I add multi-line items in Pabbly for documentero

    Hey @JamieZ Can you please confirm for us that you want the line item support in the Products field of the "Documentro: Generate Document" action step?
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    Is it possible to send a email campaign in zoho campaigns from pabbly?

    The "Zoho Campaign: Send Campaign" action step sends the mail to the members who you have added to your Mailing list from your account. Since the functionality works that way from their end only. So, we recommend you check the same from their end only.
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    Hi I have two workflows which are not working fine for me, please look into it.

    Hey @Digital Mojo Seems like you might have done some changes to your Lead Ad Form and because of that your leads might not be coming. So, can you please try recapturing the webhook response once and then try again?
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    How to accept data in Run Python code from previous workflow steps

    Hey Whatever variable you want to pass you can try passing it in the Dictnory or in JSON format to return the data in the response fields. E.g. -
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    Instamojo Payment capture for Course Enrollment

    Hey @ganganarayan.rns Kindly refer to the following screenshot and then try again, you only need to pass the Payment Id in the Get Payment Details" action step. Furthermore, you can also refer to the following video tutorial on how you can retrieve the data from the Instamojo payment.
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    Problem to create Deal in Pipedrive

    Hey @Foundstone We are currently looking into it. So, kindly allow us some time. Meanwhile, you can use the "Search Organisation" action step then on the basis of its presence your create one or simply pass the Organization ID then follow the reset of the action step same as you were using.
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    Labels to Blogger give error

    Unfortunately, there is no way to set a custom permalink to the posts using Blogger API, even the official "Try this API" tool doesn't have this feature.
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    Is it possible to send a email campaign in zoho campaigns from pabbly?

    Hey @Solar Labs If you want to send the campaign then the action step you have shown in the screenshot will be used. Or if you want to capture the response for the Campaign then there is no trigger event available.
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    Contact details not capturing

    As we can see from your video, you have selected the "Module Name" as Home whereas you need to select the Contact Module Name which we have mentioned in the previously shared video.
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    Setting up Zoho Book Workflow

    Hey @Foundstone Since you do not belong to the country which was mentioned by Zoho, you should leave the following field empty by toggling the Map button and then passing empty. Though we have corrected the mapping from your workflow and it is working.
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    Notion Check every 8 hours

    Kindly check your workflow now, we have changed the time interval for the Notion trigger event. I hope this might help you out.