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    How stop a delayed task from executing

    Oh, this is not good :-(
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    Do I wait the delay date to overdue before to give a second trigger to automation?

    Hi, I have a rookie question :unsure: I have a workflow with a delay step. This step wait until a specific date befor to do some action. My question is: if i Trigger the workflow today and then i send another trigger tomorrow, will both works? Or the first time will be rewritten by the second...
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    wocommerce create order (with line items) problem

    Hi, I have tried it but now ti create always order with 3 product :-(
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    wocommerce create order (with line items) problem

    Hi, i have a problem on a workflow on Pabbly connect. The workflow is a "create woocommerce order (With line items". So I set it up but have this problem: if I have few then the number of product I had in my test order, the system return me some error becaus data are not responding properly...