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    About VAT and paypal

    Hello, I have question about vat. I vant to one of EU country provide VAT but for other countries i want to add tha tthey must pay taxes themselves. Does it possible? Or maybe it is possible to create some fileter or diferent billing that for country is invoice and prices and billing are with...
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    Stripe date format converter

    I getting strange responce
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    Stripe date format converter

    Hello, I connected stripe to sheets and want to add date from stripe, but they providing time in UNIX Timestamp. Question how to add date and time when entry is creted? Wtith Date/Time Formatter by Pabbly i getting only numbers maybe...
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    Auto update phone number prefix in google sheets or elsewhere

    Hello I planing to send sms or whatsap messages to clients who fill form on my website, but very often they fill wrong phone prefix or even without the prefix as example normal phone must look like this +37067400200 but users can fill like this 37067400200 67400200 867400200 +370 674 002 00 How...
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    hello, I need integrations I usually send email to mailerlite So I need integrations with google sheets and mailerlite. With integration I want to run 1 time per week delete contacts from privy. com acc Can it be done?