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    Capture Multiple Webhook Responses

    In complex workflows, it is common to come across scenarios where a single webhook response does not contain all the required mappable fields. This limitation poses a challenge when configuring the workflow accurately. However, by utilizing the capability to capture and utilize multiple webhook...
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    How to Use "Is JSON Params?" Option in URL-Encoded Form Data Request

    What is "Is JSON Params?": The "Is JSON Params?" option in URL-encoded form data requests provides a solution for varying data format preferences in different applications. By leveraging this option, you can seamlessly transmit parameter values as JSON objects or array values, based on the...
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    Parameters Authentication Settings

    Parameters Authentication Settings Parameter authentication settings are essential when an API request requires authentication using a key-value pair in the query parameters or headers. This is typically done using parameters such as api_key, version, subdomain, etc. to authenticate the request...