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    View Subscriber Opens For Automations

    Hey, We are extremely sorry the only way you can have all the open emails in a single list is by moving them or copying them to a different list through automation. As already explained earlier in an automation, every subscriber is receiving email at different time which is why all the emails...
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    How to add Gmail as SMTP server to send email notifications to Form submitters?

    For adding Gmail as your SMTP server to send email notifications to your form submitters, follow the following steps: Step 1: Go to Settings Step 2: Click on “Email Notification” Step 3: Click on “Send emails through your own SMTP server” Step 4: Click on the drop-down of “ Select your SMTP...
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    Are all features available in a Trial Plan?

    During the 7-day trial version, you can only receive a maximum of 100 submissions, out of which only the initial 5 submissions can be viewed. Once the 6th submission is made, the submission inbox will get locked. You will be able to collect only $100 through this plan, after which the form...
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    What is Hidden Field?

    The hidden field feature in Pabbly Form Builder allows for values to be passed along with form entries, without being visible to users. The process of the hidden field and Prefill key is the same, you can refer to this document: This video...
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    What is a pre-fill key?

    The prefill key is a feature that allows you to pre-populate fields in your form so that when a user opens it, the designated field will already be filled in. To use this key: 1. Identify the field you wish to pre-fill and copy its pre-fill key. 2. Add a "?" after your form URL and paste the...
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    How to change form width?

    To adjust the width of your form in Form Builder, navigate to the Global section and select "Form." From there, you can make the necessary changes.
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    How to change Field Width?

    After selecting the field, a Design field will appear on the left side of the screen. From there, navigate to the Field Style settings and adjust them according to your requirements.
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    How to add a field in my form, to upload multiple files?

    Please follow the steps for adding multiple upload field: Note: Make sure to indicate the number of files, otherwise you may encounter an error message stating that only one file can be uploaded.
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    How to create multi page forms?

    To create multiple pages, you can insert page breaks within the form. Users can also save their progress and return to complete the form bit by bit using a "fill later" button, with each page being saved automatically. Here is a video tutorial for your ease:
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    What is the use of Logic Field?

    Logic Field is a form feature that allows you to set up conditions based on user inputs. It can be used to create various rules or restrictions within your form. For instance, if you are offering a workshop and some dates are not available, you can create a logic that displays a message...
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    Do you have Limitations on characters?

    You can set a character limit if you want, but by default, there are no character limits in place.
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    Pabbly Form Builder : Single Product Payment Option

    Please refer to the attached link:
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    Pabbly Form Builder : Multiple Product Payment Option

    Please refer to the attached link:
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    How to add payment Gateway in the form?

    For adding Payment Gateway in your form go to Payment Field and follow the following steps:
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    What do social icons settings do?

    Users filling out the form have the ability to view the number of views, Facebook shares, Tweets, and Pinterest saves for the form.
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    What is the use of the Conditional Redirect feature? Is it the same as Logic Field?

    Conditional Redirect and Logic Field are two different features in Pabbly Form Builder. While Logic Field applies logic to the form itself, Conditional Redirect is a feature that triggers after a user submits the form. With Conditional Redirect, you can redirect users to a specific link or...
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    How to add multiple emails to receive email notification?

    To receive email notifications, you can navigate to the Settings menu, then select Email Notification and add your email address. Here are the steps you can follow:
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    How to add a Team Member? Can a team member download submissions or edit forms?

    To add a team member in Pabbly Form Builder, navigate to the settings and select the Team Members option. From there, you can either assign a particular form to the team member or give them access to all the forms. Additionally, you have the option to assign a particular field category, such as...
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    What is form scheduling, how does it work?

    Pabbly Form Builder offers a form scheduling feature that allows you to schedule your forms for a specific time frame. There are three options available for this feature: 1. Set Form Activation Date - You can set a specific date for the form to become accessible. This means that the form link...
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    How to collect responses from Pabbly Form Builder and Send an Email from Pabbly Email Marketing.

    With Pabbly Form Builder, you can easily integrate your form with over 300 applications, making it a versatile and flexible tool for your needs. To integrate it with Pabbly Email Marketing specifically, you simply need to navigate to the integration settings and set up a connection using...