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  1. Roberto

    Airtable number field doesn't accept numbers

    I'm having a similar issue trying to copy data from Google Sheets to an Airtable number field. The number appears fine in Google Sheets. It is mapped in Airtable: Create Record, but the number is changed. If for example the number in Google Sheets is 72,309.25, it gets copied to my Airtable Base...
  2. Roberto

    Email Parser to Text Formatter to Google Sheets

    My process in Pabbly Connect was right, but the problem was with my Google Sheet. The first row in the Google Sheet was being used for the title of the sheet. I eliminated that row so that the headers now appear on row 1. Now the Google Sheets: Add new Row action identifies each column and...
  3. Roberto

    Email Parser to Text Formatter to Google Sheets

    Hi, I am trying to extract data from the body of a daily email I receive. I am using Email Parser as a trigger and run Text Formatter about 20 times to extract the different sets of information I require. After verifying this, everything seems fine, until I try to move the contents into Google...