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  1. Bellenzier84

    Gmail - Mail Delivery Subsystem

    Hi,@Supreme Verma I have this problem with gmail
  2. Bellenzier84

    Don't Work Pabbly With AppSheet

    Hey @Supreme Verma My problem is that I would like to start from appsheet instead of google Forms ?
  3. Bellenzier84

    Don't Work Pabbly With AppSheet

    How come if I create a new row with appSheet pabbly doesn't work ?
  4. Bellenzier84

    Rename a Sheet !!!

    This update is expected ?
  5. Bellenzier84

    Add Mathematical Formula

    Hi, yes .. i add the formula on paddly Workflow !
  6. Bellenzier84

    Add Mathematical Formula

    Hey @Supreme Verma I have a new question for you .. This is my documents How can i add this formula ? {{TOTALE}}={{prezzo}}+({{I}}*2000)+({{S}}*{{350}})+({{TI}}*{{350}})+({{PI}}*{{600}})+({{PL}}*{{600}})+({{LA}}*{{600}})+({{NA}}*{{350}})+({{PE}}*{{350}})
  7. Bellenzier84

    Forms to Document

    Hi, How can I import an image into a document instead of the link?