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  1. AliCrump

    Aweber - Name Of Contact

    So i am trying to pass the contact name of a google calendar event to aweber but i'm only able to pass through the following (see attached) as the closest thing to the name, is there any way around this. There is no option to select a name when passing it over.
  2. AliCrump

    Clickfunnels Specific Page Webhook

    Hey, I use zapier currently and migrating over to you guys however. In zapier i can set up different zaps within one funnel using different pages, in Pabbly i can only set up one webhook per funnel so my question is how do i set up multiple jobs within one funnel to run off different pages, say...
  3. AliCrump

    Stripe Webhook

    Hey, just to add to this, where is Date passed over, i can't see a field on the webhook info once it comes over from Stripe