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  1. Satyabala

    How create a free plan

    Hello Nitten, Yes, you can create a zero amount plan using the API. Here are the API endpoints you can use: 1. Create Customer with Subscription - 2. Create Subscription for Existing Customer -...
  2. Satyabala

    Can you create a side-wide coupon?

    Hello, What do you mean by Site-Wide coupon, can you please explain?
  3. Satyabala

    How to get unused credits? Unused Credits are not showing

    Hello Ashwin, We have updated the API documentation - You can pass the currency code in the API to get the currency wise data.
  4. Satyabala

    Lifecycle of Subscription Invoice

    Hello Ocwatson, If the renewal date is 20th then the invoice will be created on 20th itself.
  5. Satyabala

    How to lock users from cancelling for certain period or days

    Hello Ocwatson, It depends on the customer, there is no such limit for the cancellation. Customer can cancel their subscription anytime they want.
  6. Satyabala

    How to give access to multiple ids

    Hello Joolt, What do you mean by multiple Ids.
  7. Satyabala

    How to lock users from cancelling for certain period or days

    Hello Orlando, Hope you're doing well. You can do one thing, you can enable the option of cancelling the subscription for next renewal only instead of immediate cancellation. In this way, customer can only see the option to cancel their subscription for the next renewal only in the client...
  8. Satyabala

    Recurring subscription for Malaysia

    Hello Abular, I hope we have resolve all your queries in the call itself. If you have further queries, please let me know.
  9. Satyabala

    How can I change the word stripe by credit card in the button in the check out page?

    Hello, Go to the Settings -> Payment Gateway Integration -> Connected Payment Gateways -> Click on the edit option from the 3 dots of that specific payment gateway and just change the default gateway name to something else.
  10. Satyabala

    I have a funnel in and would like to integrate it with instamojo and pabbly affiliate management system.

    Hello Jishad, Hope you're doing well. You can use Pabbly Affiliate module in two ways - 1. Either you can use Pabbly subscription checkout page to sell your product and the affiliate commission will automatically created under your Pabbly Subscription account and affiliates can also see...
  11. Satyabala

    Sale is not tracked inside the both dashboard

    Hello Sahnawaz, Upon checking, it seems that you are not currently using Pabbly Subscription checkout page to collect payments from your customers, and instead are creating commission rules for Pabbly Subscription product and plan. In this case, the recommended method would be to use the API...
  12. Satyabala

    Error when customers use checkout page for 1-year subscription plan

    Hello John, We have fixed the issue, can you please check it from your end. Moreover, we have done testing in your Pabbly account and you'll see the same test data in your account, please ignore that test transactions and if you want, you can delete the test transactions whenever you want.
  13. Satyabala

    Subscription Pause & change subscription Billing Date

    Hello Dinesh, We are already in conversation with this ticket ID - #507524 for the same concern.
  14. Satyabala

    EU VAT Validation not working properly.

    Hello Thesis, We have added a proper validation for the incorrect vat as well. Now, you can test the same from your end and let me know.
  15. Satyabala

    Webhook Sending Guide

    Hello Nitten, We have updated the webhook list now. Please check it from your end.
  16. Satyabala

    Send on event button in webhooks extension is not being enabled after clicking

    Hello Mukesh, Please send us the screenshot so that we can understand the concern.
  17. Satyabala

    EU VAT Validation not working properly.

    Hello Thesis, The team is checking the same.
  18. Satyabala

    Why only "credit_create" and no other webhooks? Makes it really hard to use PSB

    Hello Nitten, We can discuss all your concerns in a single call.
  19. Satyabala

    Set maximum available for a particular product item which reduces by sale

    We'll add this in the near future.
  20. Satyabala

    Some info I need to go on...

    Hello, Can you please schedule a call with us from here -