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  1. Xartup

    Response Collection

    The workflow was kept on while testing the integration.
  2. Xartup

    Response Collection

    Hey @Subin We tried the "Updated Deal" thing out but this is the end result which we've received (Screenshot attached below). Please help us out with this.
  3. Xartup

    Pipedrive Webhook Endpoint issue with Pabbly

    Hi Team While we are trying to update a deal on pipedrive, there is an endpoint issue with pabbly which is leading pipedrive to throw a 404 error. We tested the webhook with the same input and it is working with 200, but the pabbly webhook is throwing an error. This is a bit urgent as our...
  4. Xartup

    Response Collection

    Also the chat api action isn't working at the end. We aren't able to figure out the issues properly with pabbly. Is there a possible way to connect on zoom and resolve it? The forum replies are time consuming.
  5. Xartup

    Response Collection

    I have been trying to test my workflow by collecting the test response but everytime we are getting this result (attached below), even after trying many ways out to solve this issue. Your support is very slow and we are failing in attempting to migrate from to pabbly since last 7...
  6. Xartup

    Pabbly <> Pipedrive Integration Not Working with Stages of Deal

    Hi there I am trying to integrate a workflow where pabbly connect should trigger and send a whatsapp text when 'A deal is added to a specific stage in the pipeline'. But, looking at the options, it seems like it works in the same way for all the deals. Is there a way in which we can make pabbly...