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    Google Ads Leads Form Data Mixed Column

    Hello, i'm connecting a google lead form into pabbly, however sometimes they send the data in different order (Very rarely, but happened) for example data 1 : Name Phone Email Data 2 : Phone Email name this causing the data to go into different intended field, is there a way to lock the...
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    Google Ads Leads Form Data Mixed Column

    Hello, Here's some fact on my issue: Integration: Google Leads Ads Form - Google Spreadsheet i'm having problem on field mapping in Google Ads leads form because sometimes the data order in each column could be different on an another this could be: 1. Google Ads send data i wrong order field...
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    Request Paypal Subscription

    Hello i would like to upgrade using paypal for Pabbly Connect Monthly Plan - Tier 5 (200.k) for this month can i have the checkout page ? Thanks
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    Pabbly Connect History Log

    I create a whatsapp broadcast and would like to create report on this. I found the delivery status can be seen in History Log. My Question is How i can export the history log to create such report ? Thanks
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    Create reporting for WhatsApp Cloud Broadcast

    Hello, i'm successfuly create Whatsapp Broadcast Message with Pabbly using Iterator and WhatsApp Cloud API. But now, i need to report, if the message being delivered or failed (status message) 1. How to create this ? 2. Upon sending it return the (wamid.ID) 3. How to send the...
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    Action Deprecated.. is it still working ?

    I suddenly have issue with my workflow, but upon checking i could see the action in Google Spreadsheet with notice "The Action is deprecated" Is this the one that causing issue ? is the warning mean the old version still running ? How to get notification when an action in active workflow...
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    Webhook for scheduling

    Hello Would like to if pabbly connect support for scheduling. So i send a webhook to pabbly connect to schedule a specific date/time to execute a specific workflow Is it possible ?
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    Google Sheet to WhatsApp Cloud API (Bulk Message/Broadcast) with Dynamic Template

    Hello I want to do Bulk Message/Broadcast from Google Sheet with WhatsApp Cloud Api. I already watch the youtube guide: But having bit problem on Dynamic Template. so i have a column to set the template name i'd like to use... this i can map in pabbly connect The language can alse get...
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    [PROBLEM] Freshsales

    my domain is not related to instead perhaps you need to update the subdomain option ?
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    [PROBLEM] Freshsales

    I tried integration with freshsales fills all the field and have this result: Status: 400 Error: "There was a problem in the JSON payload" Is this a known glitch ?
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    Problem with Freshsales

    connect it and still have issue with "There was a problem in the JSON payload" For the subdomain... my url is not ended with but, how to select this ? or should i use full url ??
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    Problem with Freshsales

    I believe, i did everything correctly, but when i press "Save and Send Test Request" the apps respond a blank value and the integration didn't go through... Can anyone help me on this ?