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    Youtube > HappyScribe > Google Sheets

    As this query seems to be dead but I have a very similar problem, thought i'd ask here. I get Happyscribe to create a transcription via API, which I can see via the produced URL. But Happy Scribe does not put these transcripts in the My Transcripts area, which seems to be where any "Happyscribe...
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    Airtable long text to Instagram caption, but with formatting

    Does anyone know how to take a few paragraphs of text (with spacing, line breaks) from Airtable and paste it as a formatted caption in Instagram. I'm using the IG for business action. In the Pabbly Airtable Trigger, the formatting looks fine. But in the Instagram Action field, all the...
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    delay - spacing the action

    Actually, I think the best option would be to send the tweets to a scheduling app like ContentStudio, Buffer, etc. But Pabbly doesn't seem to support this
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    delay - spacing the action

    Is there any way to use the delay action to "space out" delays? Here's an example to illustrate: 1. User adds content to a form in Airtable which will eventually be passed to, say, Twitter. 2. A delay sends the content to Twitter after 10 minutes My question is if there's a way to allow users...