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    Output to google sheet is unusual from GHL. Iv'e done it the same way 10000x

    Hey guys Im recieving this in my google sheet. I've never experienced this before <span class="dynamic_value" contenteditable="false" data-attr="0<=-+*/@/*+-=>first_name">1. First Name : Josh</span> I have attached the workflow and gsheet example.
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    Instagram to Google My Business Automation

    Thank you so much
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    Hey Gsheet no data error?

    I tried that skip function its usually not there and doesn't work
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    Hey Gsheet no data error?

    Hey guys Is there a work around for this. I'm currently getting an error for no data. I'm using go high level webhook to gsheet. On some clients they come through facebook ads to my go high level acc so they have the ad attributed to them. If they didn't the data doesn't exists so it is not...
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    Instagram to Google My Business Automation

    Hey Guys, My automation was working until it stopped a month ago. I really can't figure out why any help would be massive appreciated. This is the error code i receive via email. { "error > code": 400, "error > message": "Request contains an invalid argument.", "error > status"...
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    Wordpress Featured Image and Custom Post Type.

    Hey @Supreme , What about from instagram business? im trying but getting these errors.
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    *Help* Google sheets row filled trigger from external source

    Hey guys, would love some help or clarification on this How often do webhooks work. Example. Google sheet filled (then how long till) Go high level contact search (then how long till) Go high level...