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  1. csddigital

    On mobile, Checkout pages not showing total and one other issue

    Hi. I'm having 2 issues with my checkout pages on mobile. 1. An order total is not showing. I would think if a number of items were added that it would show the total cost so that the customer can know how much their card is going to be charged, similar to the desktop view. Currently this is...
  2. csddigital

    Multiproduct Invoices

    Hi. Thank you for response. Again this is not the same thing it is a workaround and has certain important drawbacks, for example, tracking sales. Just like the need was accessed to have multi-product carts, the invoices are no different. Please add multi-product invoices to the feature...
  3. csddigital

    Invoices - Ability to add via line item

    Hi. Thank you for your response. I took a look at the documentation and tried feature in my account. This is not what I requested at all. I am requesting the ability to be able to add products or services to an invoice that is not associated with a current plan or product. This is a feature that...
  4. csddigital

    Make it possible to e-checks/ach bank payments - Save us all $$$$$

    I agree. This is an important feature request and a no brainer.
  5. csddigital

    Invoices - Ability to add via line item

    Sometimes we need to make an invoice for one time products/services. Please add this feature.
  6. csddigital

    Multiproduct Invoices

    Please make invoices with the ability to have multiproduct and multiplans.