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  1. edwardzev

    Facebook group email parser

    Hi Did anyone found a tool for extracting email adressess from facebook groups?
  2. edwardzev

    Convert parameter-value response to array

    unfortunately. turning off simple response give the same exact result.
  3. edwardzev

    Convert parameter-value response to array

    hi workflow - fetch expence icount The workflow fetch expense records from my accounting software. The response comes in parameter-value response. how i convert it to array? I need it to use in the pabbly iterator because there can be a number of records with there parameters.
  4. edwardzev

    search for multiple records in airtable

    closing invoice This is the name of the workflow. Step 7 - finds all records that have specific invoice number in curtain. Step 8 - with line itemizer I manage to extract to records IDs of all relevant records. Now, how do I update curtain feild in all those records?
  5. edwardzev

    search for multiple records in airtable

    Hello, I am trying to build automation which will search for records in airtable that have curtain "invoice number" and check them as closed. Airtable set up is here The problem is that one invoice number can appear in different records. So Search record give you some number of records...
  6. edwardzev

    Fetching bases from Airtable

    I have a number of workspaces in airtable. When I try to make an automation pabbly recognizes only bases in the first workspace. How I can get pabbly fetch from other workspaces?
  7. edwardzev

    Tshirt mockup creation

    I am looking for a solution that allows to make tshirt mockups for customers. Did anyone ever did it or have any idea about integration with some service.
  8. edwardzev

    Missed phone call as action trigger

    Hi is it possible to use regular phone missed call, or for that reason incoming call, as a trigger to start some integration? Example use case: trigger - missed call Action - send email
  9. edwardzev

    Integration between cloud storage (dropbox) and local network storage (nas server)

    Hi, I have a dropbox account for data storage. And also, storage in my local network - NAS server (specifically QNAP). I would like to create automation that copy curtain folders from local storage to dropbox storage. Sort of additional back up. Is there any way to do it?
  10. edwardzev

    How to change login details from Google to mail/password?

    How to change login details from Google to mail/password?
  11. edwardzev

    Problem with GET RECORD from airtable

    I have some trouble getting record from airtable, although my webhook trigger work perfectly. What can be the problem?
  12. edwardzev

    How to get different webhook url?

    Hi, I want different applications send different webhooks so they can trigger different automations. How I can do it?
  13. edwardzev

    Problem of Different applications send same webhook

    I have different automation that are triggering different actions. The problem is that webhook url is the same. So when apps send webhooks the trigger the same automation. How do solve this problem?
  14. edwardzev

    Receiving webhook from Airtable

    Hi, I have built automation that is triggered by webhook. But I don't know how to make airtable send webhook. Maybe someone know how to do it?
  15. edwardzev

    Renaming attachment in Airtable

    All come from API
  16. edwardzev

    Multible Pabbly Iterator actions problem

    Hi there, I have airtable automation that allows client to upload up to 4 graphics in one record. Then I upload them to dropbox. In order to get particular attachment link I use iterator. And it works fine. The problem is that if client uploaded not 4, but 1,2 or 3 files, the automation...
  17. edwardzev

    Renaming attachment in Airtable

    Hi there, I know this question had been discussed several times, but I still couldn’t find a sufficient answer. So, I have a form that collects client’s images that have names, ex clientimage.jpg I want to rename the attachment so that name will include info from different fields. For example...
  18. edwardzev

    Dropbox download links expire after few hours

    This is awsome. Now I now how iterrator works. However, after I manage to retrieve link and upload succesfully to dropbox. It return me the dropbox download link.Which works perfectly, but after few hours stop working and redirect to error page. Do you have an idea why?
  19. edwardzev

    Dropbox download links expire after few hours

    Thank you for a prompt reply. The problem is that beforehand ACTION:Get record from airtable returned a lot of useful separate fields including direct link to file, link to thumbnail, resolution, etc However, now it is combined in one field per one attachment. How in this case I populate the...