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    Create Item in Podio

    Is it possible to use Pabbly to create an item in podio? For example, if a Facebook leads comes in, can an item in a podio app receive that info via Pabbly?
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    Receiving triplicate emails....

    Thank you for your response Supreme. Not sure how to check my Podio for multiple webhook urls to delete but I'll check it out. Else I'll just delete the workflow and start from scratch. (the filter didn't filter). Zapier doesn't have filters (that I know of) so no idea. Appreciate the response.
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    Receiving triplicate emails....

    I am a Zapier user (for 2 years) wanting to transition to Pabbly. After learning from a tutorial video I learned that I need two steps in a workflow to extract a new item from a Podio App. (not sure why it isn't all in one step like Zapier, but it is what it is) My issue is that I did it as...