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  1. 888lorenzo

    Contact Added and custom fields [ActiveCampaign]

    Thank you, I notice that the Get a contact option is missing:
  2. 888lorenzo

    Contact Added and custom fields [ActiveCampaign]

    Hello, I'd like retrive ActiveCampaign contacts from a list and put them into a Google Sheet as soon as they are added into an ActiveCampaign list. I'd like to retrieve also the custom fields but in the captured webhook response the custom fields don't appear. Is there a way to retrieve them...
  3. 888lorenzo

    Creating/Updating contact from MySql query [ActiveCampaign]

    Hello, I'm trying to build a workflow as explained below: at a specific time (Schedule by Pabbly) a MySQL query runs (MySQL : Custom Query) the contacts retrieved by the query are added/updated to a specific listo of ActiveCampaign (ActiveCampaign : Create or Update Contact) The problem: the...