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    How to add SSL to your Custom Domain

    Every now & then we have been asked: ” Our domain has SSL activated, why I can’t see SSL with Custom Domain?” Your custom domain is the subdomain of your website (domain). We create a new subdomain for your checkout page. A subdomain is a part of your domain but the changes/features on main...
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    RazorPay Subscription Setup

    For subscriptions setup with Razorpay: We request our users to set up the webhook inside their Razorpay account to sync their recurring subscriptions payments with PSB subscriptions. To setup webhook in Razorpay account, go to Settings -> Webhooks -> Add new webhook Webhook Url...
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    Can you enable Stripe to process direct debit (SEPA/IBAN) like Chargify?

    Hi David, We appreciate your suggestion and we will definitely work on the possibilities to include this feature in Pabbly subscription billing in the future.
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    Working of Addons in PSB

    While working with Addons in Pabbly Subscriptions Billing, there is a small point which you will need to keep in mind when you are setting up add-ons for your product. The billing of add-on will work according to the billing cycle of the plan. Suppose you have a monthly recurring plan and a...
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    Difference between Razorpay Onetime and Razorpay Subscription

    Razorpay Onetime: It has been integrated by using Oauth with the Pabbly app associated with Razorpay. It is a kind of Partnership. The purpose of this integration is, some of our users face 'Registered domain unverified' issues while making payments. And also Razorpay says your users will get...
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    Single Sign-On for Pabbly Subscriptions’ Client Portal

    When you have to integrate Pabbly Subscriptions with some other SaaS application, it will be laborious for you (merchant) and your customers to manage client portal login credentials. Pabbly Subscriptions offers a Single Sign-On feature that enables your customers to seamlessly log in to their...
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    Webhook Payloads and Testing

    Hello Tony, Thanks for reaching out. Currently, the only way to find the payload for webhooks is through webhook events only. However, we are mentioning the payload for the Subscription_renew webhook for your reference. ======================== { "event_type": "subscription_renew"...
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    Coupons in PSB

    Coupons are used to provide offers and discounts on particular products or services. You need to fill up the following details in order to create a new coupon – Coupon Name - Here you can input the name of the coupon. Coupon Code - Add a unique coupon code to identify the coupon. Discount -...
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    how to change commission between active & Inactive subscibers

    Hi Dinesh, Currently, this use case is not Possible with Pabbly Subscription Billing. As long as 'A' is your affiliate, he will get the commission for all his referred sales. And the commission rule will be the same, whether he is your active customer or not. Hope this helps.
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    how to change commission between active & Inactive subscibers

    Hello Dinesh, Could you please elaborate on what do you mean by "Active" and "Inactive" users?
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    How to do commission Payment

    Hello Dinesh, Currently, there are only 2 payout methods available for affiliate commission payout. Either merchant can pay through their PayPal account or they can transfer the payout through Bank Transfer.
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    Add Currency - Kenyan Shilling (KES)

    Hello Issac, We have replied to the ticket you raised with us. We request you to refer to that once.
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    Can someone please share the affiliate cycle for Pabbly Connect LTD?

    For an affiliate to receive his earned commission, the following criteria must be fulfilled : a) The referred sale must have completed the 60days payout period. b) The total commission must cross the minimum payout amount, i.e. $50. After all the above conditions are met, the commission...
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    Addons account issue

    Hello there! We have now fixed the issue that you were getting with your Add-on accounts. Please check it from your end.
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    pabbly connect LTD / subscrptions LTD

    We would like to inform you that Pabbly Subscriptions has an integrated affiliate management system that works with Pabbly products, plans, and checkout pages only. Hence it cannot be used separately with a third-party applications. Hope this clarifies. If you have any queries please feel free...
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    pabbly connect LTD / subscrptions LTD

    Yes, we do have an integration with Stripe Gateway. Also, Pabbly Subscriptions has an integrated affiliate management system which will help to grow the business of the merchants. The affiliate management system will handle all the frontend work, all you need is to set up the URL for affiliate...
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    Send confirmation email to more than one team member

    Hello there! You can add multiple recipients by following the path : Account >> Settings >> Email notification >> Email recipients >> Add email. Please refer the image below.
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    Dynamic Daily Pricing on Order Page

    Hi, We have recently included various pricing modules in our system, one of which is "Timesale/Dimesale". Using this pricing module, you can achieve your goal. Please watch this tutorial to get complete insight of Variable pricing module -
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    Why no answers from a proper helpdesk / helpchat?

    Hello Yodee, You can send emails at [email protected] to raise a ticket at our support desk. And also you can use private discussion section on forum. Hope this helps.
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    Affiliate links of my affiliates are not working

    Hi Sneha, Please provide your registered email id with Pabbly, so that we can look into the issue and resolve it ASAP.