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  1. indieworksco

    Workflow has suddenly stopped working out of nowhere.

    My workflow has suddenly stopped working but shows no signs of error. It was working fine for the first few days and then suddenly isn't doing anything. None of our submissions from yesterday or today (Feb 9 and 10) have triggered at all. I checked the workflow and there are no error messages. I...
  2. indieworksco

    Workflow stopped operating and won't let me recapture webhook

    My workflow didn't execute properly despite the tests all being done correctly. I went to recapture the webhook and it's telling me that "Authorization is required to perform that action." I don't know what's changed. I tried uninstalling and then re-installing and nothing seems to be working...
  3. indieworksco

    Splitting up items from a Google Drive folder shared by Google Form into several other Google Drive folders I already have set up.

    Hi There! I will try to explain this best I can. I run a theatre company. We have writers submitting musicals for production via Google Forms. They have a bunch of questions to answer and then they have to share a Google Drive folder that they've already set up with a PDF of their script, a PDF...