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Search results

  1. jasonercsn

    Google Sheet columns not showing

    Hi. I would like to add a row to a Google Sheet. The problem is that the sheet has 107 columns, but Pabbly only fetches 52 of them. I've tried refreshing, etc, but only brings back 52 columns. Am I hitting a limit? Or am I missing something? Thanks for your help!
  2. jasonercsn

    Nexweave to Instagram

    Again, thanks for the quick response. I created a new template in Nexweave to fit exactly in the 4:5 image ratio (https://img.nxwv.io/DrZsJJiXN?type=it) But the result is still the same: "The image format is not supported" when use the link returned by Nexweave and "The image format is not...
  3. jasonercsn

    Nexweave to Instagram

    Thanks for the quick reply. The name of the workflow is: "Nexweave to Instagram Automation" I've checked image ratio/size/etc and all is good. (And I have also downloaded the image in the link and successfully posted it Instagram manually)
  4. jasonercsn

    Nexweave to Instagram

    Hi. I'm trying to automate posting to Instagram from Nexweave. I receive the Nexweave URL (i.e. https://img.nxwv.io/z5WEnQUsr) and use it to Publish a new Post on Instagram. However, I receive the following error: "The image format is not supported" I then tried to add the .jpg extention...
  5. jasonercsn

    PDF upload to Google Drive not recognized

    Sure. The name of the workflow is: "Island Theatre: Play Submission" Let me know if you have any other questions.
  6. jasonercsn

    PDF upload to Google Drive not recognized

    Hi. I am using a Qwary form to capture information and a PDF. I've set up a Webhook in Pabbly to capture the response, and then use the PDF url to upload the file to Google Drive. The problem is that when the PDFs are uploaded, they do not appear as PDFs (See below) and cannot be viewed...
  7. jasonercsn

    Pabbly and Trello

    Thank you, that worked
  8. jasonercsn

    Pabbly and Trello

    I'm having the same problem. I would like to add a row to a Google sheet when a card is moved to a certain column in Trello. And I've figured that out. The problem is that it creates three rows instead of one. Any help with this would be appreciated. Here's a quick video...