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Search results

  1. Digital Tamila

    How to extract the file url from Pabbly subscription Billing

    Fine. But How can I download the user uploaded file. This is what i want.
  2. Digital Tamila

    How to extract the file url from Pabbly subscription Billing

    Hello, I added a File upload option in the checkout page but its showing in this format. How can I view the file ? How can I extract the URL & need to upload to Google drive.
  3. Digital Tamila

    Getting this kind of error on WhatsApp cloud API

    Hello, Check the screenshot - I've added all the values correct. You can check the workflow name - Shopify - New Order Confirmation
  4. Digital Tamila

    SMTP By pabbly is not working

    Hi, Kindly check my workflow Test - SMTP Workflow from Mailgun I added all the SMTP credentials from Mailgun. Whenever I try to send a request it showing an error saying https://prnt.sc/TFSg4vccPsHv Kindly fix the issue at the earliest
  5. Digital Tamila

    WhatsApp Cloud API Message is not sending

    Hello, Its not sending at all. You can check my workflow Name - Test 1 MM Email is sending fine. But Whatsapp message is not sending at all.
  6. Digital Tamila

    WhatsApp Cloud API Message is not sending

    Hello, My Workflow Name - MTA Phone Notification - WhatsApp Task ID - IjE5MjYzNTMxOCI_3D In the Task history, The number is captured, updated on the spreadsheet, WhatsApp template message is sent to user. But User doesn't receive it. Kindly check & resolve at the earliest.
  7. Digital Tamila

    Emails are not sending from Gmail

    Hello, I've set up a automation where after payment capture, an Email should send. I connected GMAIL For ex. out of 10 payment, only 6 emails are delivered. When I check with the GMAIL sent Folder. When I check the same from pabbly task history, its showing email is sent. My workflow name -...
  8. Digital Tamila

    E-mails are not sending via pabbly SMTP

    Hello I'm getting this error. Response not received in 15 seconds How can I fix this.
  9. Digital Tamila

    How to automate Youtube Community Post

    Hello Everyone, I have shared the Youtube Editor access to a person. He has all the permission like admin except "Youtube Community Post" As I checked Youtube, temporarily community post permission is disabled. I want to automatically publish to Youtube community post from Spreadsheet update...
  10. Digital Tamila

    How can I send daily razorpay settlement via WhatsApp or SMS or Google Sheet

    Hi, I don't find any trigger to get razorpay daily settlement details. Here is the settlement screenshot - https://prnt.sc/k0tacdl38Lq6 Razorpay sends settlement details via whatsapp to the registered mobile number but I want the settlement details to be sent another number or collect in Google...
  11. Digital Tamila

    Add QR-Payment events in Razorpay webhook

    Hi, Recently razorpay introduced QR-based payment collection. It allows users to collect payments from their customers using the UPI payment method. In Razorpay webhook events it shows QR-based payment events. Check Screenshot - https://prnt.sc/1xacn1o But it not showing pabbly direct razorpay...
  12. Digital Tamila

    Issue in Twilio SMS format

    It's fine now. Thanks for the support. Have a great time.
  13. Digital Tamila

    Issue in Twilio SMS format

    Hello Team Even I add "\n" to the SMS content, It's not adding a new line. SMS is sent like continuous text content. Workflow Name - CIA Online Course - Account Update Thank You
  14. Digital Tamila

    How can I know the Razorpay Payment Pages.

    Hello, I've created multiple payment pages in Razorpay to collect the payments. For Example, 1. Product A cost Rs. 500 2. Product B cost Rs. 500 3. Product C cost Rs. 500 In choosing the webhook I was able to select the "Payment captured or authorized" to send payment confirmation. Everything...
  15. Digital Tamila

    Woocommerce Filter only completed payment

    Hello, I have been using Order updated trigger only. But the flow not working. If a user tries to make a payment at the first attempt, due to long time order status changes to cancel. After some time, the same user completes the payment & it's also completed status now. But the trigger not...
  16. Digital Tamila

    Woocommerce Filter only completed payment

    Hello, Kindly check my workflow MTA - New Order Created. where I want to send Whatsapp notifications only to the purchased users. By default, woocommerce has New Order Created trigger option. Usually, If users purchase on woocommerce their order will be marked as "Processing" In my case Using...
  17. Digital Tamila

    I need to Send Woocommerce order details via Whatsapp

    Hello, There is a video on how to send woocommerce order notifications to WhatsApp via pabbly. It's perfect. I also want to send the Order PDF attachment to customers. How can I do that?