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  1. Pabbly Team

    **[New Update] - Credit System**

    Besides the working of the Credit System, while upgrading/downgrading a subscription, Pabbly has launched some additional ways in which this credit system will work - 1.Add/Deduct Credit - The service credits can be added/deducted as per the merchant's choice on a subscription instantly -...
  2. Pabbly Team

    Multiple access to a single PSB account

    [Customer Query] - Hi, I want to create a different users in my Pabbly account and want to give them different access. Just an example, I have divided my organization in 4 teams and each team has their separate PayPals. I want to add 4 users in Pabbly as a manager and want to provide them...
  3. Pabbly Team

    Sell Chocolates Online via Pabbly Subscription Billing

    [Customer Query] - I want to sell my product from Puerto Rico I’m doing a marketing of chocolates.
  4. Pabbly Team

    New Update - The subscription can be canceled during refund as well.

    Now, while issuing the refund, the subscription can also be canceled in Pabbly Subscription Billing. To know more, check this doc - https://www.pabbly.com/subscriptions/docs/features/#section9
  5. Pabbly Team

    Sell pets online via PSB

    [Customer Query] - how to sell dogs via Pabbly Subscription Billing?
  6. Pabbly Team

    Email Notification System in PSB

    [Customer Query] - I have this query. I have two payment links one is 99 and another is for 3999. When user purchased for 99 then they should get different different email and when they make payment for 3999 they should get email for 3999. i dont any option in Pabbly where i can check the...
  7. Pabbly Team

    New Update - Editing the Client Portal name option is enabled in PSB

    Changing the Client Portal Name is now enabled in Pabbly Subscription Billing. You can now reset the Portal name on your own. To know more, please follow this doc - https://www.pabbly.com/subscriptions/docs/features/#section12
  8. Pabbly Team

    Setting a shipping cost on a checkout page in PSB

    [Customer Query] - How do I set up shipping cost for a subscription?
  9. Pabbly Team

    Payment reminders in PSB

    [Customer Query] - Hello, 1) Can you send emails before the next renewal reminding people that it's renewing incase they want to change or skip a subscription? 2) Can you set up a 4 monthly renewal option? 3) Can you set it up so all subscriptions renew on the same date each time? Or is it...
  10. Pabbly Team

    Coupons in Pabbly Subscription Billing

    [Customer Query] - Hi, I'm wondering if I wanted to give a discount based on my customer purchasing an annual plan if I could and how would I do that?
  11. Pabbly Team

    How to process refund to customers in PSB

    [Customer Query] - Hello. I am trying to give a refund to someone. How do I do that in Pabbly Subscription Billing?
  12. Pabbly Team

    Multicurrency & Affiliate Module in PSB

    [Customer Query] - Hello, We have been working on Pabbly Subscription and have some doubts like - 1. How can we do multi currency in same company 2. Will custom domain work for customer portal 3. How to handle GST ? 4. What is affiliate marketing?
  13. Pabbly Team

    Sales Funnel in PSB

    [Customer Query] - Is the upsell & down-sell supported in India? Do you integrate with RazorPay?
  14. Pabbly Team

    Plans in Pabbly Subscription Billing

    [Customer Query] - What is the meaning of PLAN Name and Plan code?
  15. Pabbly Team

    Set up a Subscription for different country/region along with implying tax rule

    [Customer Query] - Do you support multiple payment gateway same time. Say Razorpay for Indian Customer and Stripe for International Customer (We have multiple GST, one is SEZ unit for International Customer, one is for domestic for Indian customers)
  16. Pabbly Team

    "Add Script" in checkout customizer

    [Customer Query] - Hi, How do I find the Thank you Page link for each Checkout page -- to Configure my Conversion in Facebook?
  17. Pabbly Team

    Sell Agricultural Products online via PSB

    [Customer Query] - Hi Team, I did tomato crop, is it possible to sell via Pabbly Subscription Billing?
  18. Pabbly Team

    Pabbly Subscription Billing ongoing LTD info

    [Customer Query] - planning to buy Pabbly subscription ltd, not sure what features am i getting from the https://www.pabbly.com/subscriptions/ page
  19. Pabbly Team

    Sell Chillies online via Pabbly Subscription Billing

    [Customer Query] - I need to sell organic bhatka chilli via Pabbly Subscription Billing, How can I do that?
  20. Pabbly Team

    New Update - Track Gateway transaction ID in PSB

    In case of refund, now check the Gateway Transaction ID at individual pages in Pabbly Subscription Billing.