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  1. Neeraj

    Build GPT with Custom Action using Pabbly Connect

    The following post shows the method of building your own GPT with Custom Actions where the custom actions are run in the backgroud using Pabbly Connect. Use-case: The following GPT uses Custom Action to work. It transcribes any audio file and returns the transcription within the ChatGPT User...
  2. Neeraj

    How we built JavaScript based action

    Use-case: We released a way to create custom JavaScript based app actions. The Code by Pabbly module allowed you to run the codes on the workflow builder. But let's say you want to create an action where all the code is written on the backend and only simple form fields are given to the users...
  3. Neeraj

    Pabbly Connect Task Reset Policy (When does my task count reset?)

    Pabbly Connect Task Reset Policy: Monthly Subscription: Users who bought the monthly plan: For our monthly subscribers, task counts are reset on the date of their monthly subscription renewal. For instance, if a user subscribes on the 10th of a month, their task count will reset on the 10th...
  4. Neeraj

    Downtime Policy for Pabbly Applications

    1. Purpose 🎯: The purpose of this policy is to outline the procedures and communications to be followed during any unplanned and planned service interruptions of our Software as a Service (SaaS) offering. This ensures that we maintain trust and transparency with our customers during these...
  5. Neeraj


    Can you give us access to your Tally.so account as team member so that we can access your form? Also can you specify the form link in which you are getting the error?
  6. Neeraj


    Tally.so Integration with Pabbly Connect: This documentation provides a detailed, step-by-step guide for integrating your Tally.so account with Pabbly Connect. Following these instructions will enable you to establish a seamless connection between the two platforms. Trigger Step: "New...
  7. Neeraj

    How to find working days between any 2 dates

    Use the Javascript Code below in the "Code by Pabbly" action step. Use the Action Event by the name of "Run Javascript (Beta)". function workdaysBetweenDates(date1Str, date2Str) { const date1 = new Date(date1Str); const date2 = new Date(date2Str); let workdays = 0; //...
  8. Neeraj

    Fb app challenge reply is wrong

    Try using this verify token in the field to verify your webhook. The token should be pabbly_fb_webhook_token
  9. Neeraj

    Growthens Elevenlabs api outputs a mp3 with nosound

    Glad it is resolved for you. Thank you for letting us know.
  10. Neeraj

    Amazon seller central support

    The access to the Amazon Seller Central API to fetch the buyer's personal details like address etc. is something that the Amazon team is currently not giving out. We tried multiple times to approve the request but they are not allowing it. As such currently, it is not possible for us to release...
  11. Neeraj

    Different short code formats for Invoicing

    Different short code formats for Invoicing You can use different short code formats at the time of creating your invoices. The formats for year and month are mentioned below. They can be used in conjunction with one another. The values will be replaced automatically wherever the short code for...
  12. Neeraj

    WhatsApp API - Emoji issue

    This issue is resolved now. You will have to use the Smiley in the parameters and then you can map the parameters in your JSON request body. Adding the image here for reference. This is how the API request will be sent to the external software.
  13. Neeraj

    Review Fetch Quota

    Hello Darryl, We are planning to switch our existing function of Fetching reviews to Amazon Lambda to see if it would help to resolve this issue. We are estimating that it might take us around 4-5 weeks to get it done and fully transfer it on Lambda. Until then i want to suggest that if you do...
  14. Neeraj

    Mailchimp merge_fields error

    I checked the image that you shared in the Facebook group related to the error and the merge fields that are active in your account. This was the error that you were getting. Below is the image of your Merge fields as shown in your account. The issue you are facing is related to deletion...
  15. Neeraj


    This is how you will be able to use the "Add Row to Sheet (By Formula)"
  16. Neeraj

    How we built Storipress (GraphQL based Integration)

    Storipress API is written in GraphQL. This forum post will show how you can integrate GraphQL APIs inside Pabbly Connect. We are taking the example of signUpSubsriber Endpoint and will add the same to Pabbly Connect. Authorization The authorization of the Storipress API is done through Bearer...
  17. Neeraj

    Running A Python Script

    The Python Code is now available inside Pabbly Connect. More details: https://forum.pabbly.com/threads/python-code-by-pabbly.12014/
  18. Neeraj

    Python code use case

    Code used above. import datetime import time import json current_date = datetime.date.today() current_time = time.time() current_local_time = time.strftime("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S") # Create a dictionary with the key-value pairs data = { "current_date": str(current_date), "current_time"...
  19. Neeraj

    Is there a webhook for POST

    Use API module inside Pabbly Connect. Video reference -
  20. Neeraj

    Feature request for Pabbly Connect is at: https://pabbly.hellonext.co/

    Feature request for Pabbly Connect is at: https://pabbly.hellonext.co/