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    Audience Republic API connector

    https://connect.pabbly.com/workflow/mapping/IjU3NmQwNTY1MDYzNjA0MzY1MjY5NTUzNiI_3D_pc I have added this as the last step.
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    Audience Republic API connector

    Can someone have a look at this error please. I initially thought it was birthdate but the API doc requires ISO format. I could still have that wrong. https://developer.arep.co/#tag/Contacts/operation/create-contacts
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    Audience Republic API connector

    Hi, There appears to be no connector for this app. If I use a webook for the Contacts payload I would like some advice on what the API action in Pabbly would look like. Can anybody assist? https://developer.arep.co/ Here is my untested effort as I'm waiting for the API to be enabled by AR support.
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    Klaviyo SMS Consent

    How do I know which experts have necessary API expertise?
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    Klaviyo SMS Consent

    I'm ok to pay. Can an expert on Pabbly API assist?
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    Klaviyo SMS Consent

    That being the case, what would that API call look like in Pabbly. I'm getting an auth error for starters. https://developers.klaviyo.com/en/reference/subscribe_profiles
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    Klaviyo SMS Consent

    I am able to collect SMS consent from customer via a webform but cannot see how I can pass this to Klaviyo using Pabbly connector in order to change SMS consent from "null" to "SUBSCRIBED". Is there a way to do this via current connector? I have attached a Postman view of that section of the...
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    Router filter - difference between "Exists" and "is not empty"

    Does the "Exists" filter refer to the label itself and "is not empty" filter referring to the field/value? Same logic for "Does not exist" and "is empty"?
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    I want to filter on domain after the @ symbol in an email

    I receive a webhook payload and I want to route based on the email field, specifically the domain. If certain emails contain predefined domains I want to route them differently. Is this possible?
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    Add Member to a list in Klaviyo

    Thank you. I was not aware of the native integration will look for that first in future. It simplifies things a lot.
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    Add Member to a list in Klaviyo

    Hi, I'm trying to work out how to get a new member from a webhook payload into Klaviyo https://developers.klaviyo.com/en/v1-2/reference/add-members I have a demo Klaviyo site (with siteid) with public and private key but not sure of correct parametres or headers and whether to use Custom Form...
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    Cannot Save or Save/Send API Trigger

    yes, corrected now. anything i was doing wrong?
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    Cannot Save or Save/Send API Trigger

    I have an API trigger that will not save, or save/send. Nothing happens when I click. I have exited and tried again multiple times. I have tried Incognito sessions and a hard reset and various browsers. Can someone assist please. This is the first time I have come across this issue.
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    Unexpected result with Spreadsheet Formula

    Hi, I have been using this formula successfully and have just updated with latest module as previous one was deprecated. I cannot get the correct result. Any ideas? Result should be 10.
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    Product image in checkout page

    I would like to place a product image in the checkout page and believe the best way is to embed it in the Plan. Correct me if I'm wrong. I do not want an image the full width of the checkout page as per the instructional video on headphone sale. What are the best dimensions to achieve this so...
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    SSL on Custom Domain

    I wish to apply my own certificate to a Pabbly custom domain. I do not wish to use Cloudflare for DNS as a lot of my services are whitelabelled and break when I cut across to Cloudflare. Is this possible. I have SSL on my main domain and understand that checkout.maindomain.com (example) is CNAME...
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    PSB Affiliate Link error - "Invalid URL, with response code"

    I get this error when copy/paste Checkout link into Target url or Affiliate Link Settings. Any ideas how I can fix? "Invalid URL, with response code"
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    Company Name field

    Is it possible to ask for a subscribers company name as part of the payment process and have this reflected in a Pabbly invoice?
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    Webhook to Google Sheets

    I have a webhook that receives a payload from a 3rd party app that I have log visibility of. I'm placing first name/last name/mobile number and email address in separate columns as a new row. For some reason the one or two customer profiles repeatedly create a new row. I'm up to over 5,000 rows...