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  1. SudeepT

    Custom Redirect URL based on value of radio button on checkout page

    Hello, We have prepared a sample workflow for you in Pabbly Connect. Kindly replicate the same workflow in your Pabbly Connect account. This workflow enables you to redirect customers to different URLs based on the option selected in the customer field. Refer to the sample workflow for guidance...
  2. SudeepT

    Activity Log

    Introduction The Activity Log section in Pabbly Subscription Billing is a important feature that provides a concise record of all notable actions, events, and tasks that have occurred within the last 90 days. This log is essential for monitoring and tracking activities related to your...
  3. SudeepT

    How to setup SMTP

    What is SMTP SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a widely-used protocol for sending emails. By integrating SMTP into your Pabbly Subscription Billing account you can send email notifications to your customers, clients, or users. This document will guide you on how to set up SMTP in your SaaS...
  4. SudeepT

    Integration of Custom Payment Gateway

    What is Custom payment gateway? A custom payment gateway is a tailor-made, specialized, and often proprietary payment processing solution created by a business or organization to handle financial transactions. Unlike off-the-shelf or third-party payment gateways, a custom payment gateway is...
  5. SudeepT

    How to Setup Custom Domain

    Custom Domain Setup in Pabbly Subscription Billing This documentation will guide you through the process of setting up a custom domain for your Pabbly Subscription Billing account. Custom domains allow you to use your own branded URL for your Checkout pages, affiliate URL etc, giving your...
  6. SudeepT

    Overdue reminder emails despite making the subscription payment

    Hello, We've reviewed your account and confirmed that you've already made the payment for your subscription. No need to worry! The notifications you received regarding a due payment were due to the 'Dunning' process. When you initially attempted to purchase the plan in USD, it generated an...
  7. SudeepT

    Cashfree Payment Integration

    Cashfree Payment Gateway Integration If you want to collect payments via Cashfree payment gateway in your Pabbly Subscription Billing account then you must integrate it in the system first. Step 1. Login To Your Cashfree Account – The first step involves signing in your Cashfree account...
  8. SudeepT

    Add / Deduct Service Credit

    Add / Deduct Service Credit Pabbly Subscription Billing empowers you to efficiently manage your subscriptions and provide a seamless experience to your customers. One of the essential features is the ability to Add or Deduct Credit, which can be beneficial in various scenarios. This document...
  9. SudeepT

    Stripe Integration Guide

    Stripe Integration Guide If you want to collect payments via Stripe payment gateway in your Pabbly Subscription Billing account then you must integrate it in the system first. With this payment gateway, you can collect the payments from your customer’s via credit cards. Check the video...
  10. SudeepT

    PayPal Integration Guide

    PayPal Integration Guide Once you have purchased the lifetime plan of Pabbly Subscription Billing, you have to integrate a payment gateway, PayPal in this guide to facilitate payment collection. Follow the below-listed steps to integrate PayPal payment gateway in your Pabbly Subscriptions...
  11. SudeepT

    International Affiliate

    Hello, Please find the answer for your queries: 1. How to have the Country dropdown list when they do the registration on the PBS registration form? Navigate to Affiliate and Click on Affiliate Settings. Click on General Settings and Click on Customize where the following page will be...
  12. SudeepT

    My pabbly subscription plan giving error saying "This plan is temporarily inactive:

    Hello, Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. We have addressed the issue. Could you please check and confirm on your end. We have resolved the issue and informed you over the ticket raised by you #17174
  13. SudeepT

    Checkout pages not working

    Checkout pages not working If you are encountering issues with your checkout pages not functioning properly, it may be due to reaching the usage limit of the free plan, which results in account activity restrictions. When the free plan limit is exceeded, our system automatically suspends...
  14. SudeepT

    How to disable email notification for a particular product and plans

    How to disable email notification for a Particular Product In Pabbly Subscription Billing, email notifications are automatically sent for customers when various activities occur, such as successful purchases, failed payments, and approaching subscription expirations etc. By default, these email...
  15. SudeepT

    API Settings

    API Settings Generate and manage API keys for authentication purposes. API keys are typically used to secure and control access to the API. To access and configure the API settings, from your Pabbly Subscription Billing account go to settings and click on API settings, as you will click on API...
  16. SudeepT

    Affiliate Settings

    Affiliate Settings Affiliate settings typically refer to the configurations and options available within an affiliate marketing program or platform. Here, we will discuss the following settings under the affiliate settings: General Settings Commission Rule Affiliate Link Payout Report Settings...
  17. SudeepT

    Client Portal

    Client Portal Pabbly Subscription Billing offers a dedicated portal to your customers which enables them to – Monitor account details, outstanding invoice, available credit Upgrade or downgrade subscriptions Add alternate card details Download invoices Track transactions In order to give your...
  18. SudeepT

    Payment Gateways

    Payment Gateways Payment gateways are online services that enable businesses to securely process payments from customers for their products or services. They facilitate the transfer of payment data between the customer, the merchant, and financial institutions. Pabbly Subscription Billing...
  19. SudeepT

    Pausing the Subscription

    What is pausing the subscription? Pausing a subscription typically refers to temporarily suspending or putting on hold a customer's recurring subscription plan. This feature can be useful for various reasons, such as accommodating a customer's temporary absence or addressing their specific...
  20. SudeepT

    How to Upgrade/Downgrade the subscription

    Upgrading the subscription When a customer moves from a lower-priced plan to a higher-priced plan, it's referred to as "upgrading the subscription." For instance, if a customer initially subscribes to a recurring billing plan at $100 per month but requests to switch to a $150 per month plan...