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Search results

  1. Kumar

    Bigin CRM Event Add/Update action events

    Hi, We want to synch Trafft meeting schedules into Zoho Bigin CRM Events, currently these action steps are not there. Also looking for Notes action step to update notes.
  2. Kumar

    Outplayhq update prospect Action Step

    Hi, We need an action step to update an existing prospect in OutplayHQ.
  3. Kumar

    OutplayHQ Custom Fields Integration

    Hi We have prospects with the custom fields, but the existing prospect creation doesn't pull the custom fields. Please update on this.
  4. Kumar

    Sales Handy Integration Request

    Hi, Please create Saleshandy Integration along with custom fields, we are looking for this Integration. Awaiting your reply.
  5. Kumar

    Update Customer Module in Zoho Books

    Hi, Any update on this?
  6. Kumar

    Update Customer Module in Zoho Books

    There are custom fields for a Customer, which are not showing up for "Update Contact" or "Update Contact Person"
  7. Kumar

    Update Customer Module in Zoho Books

    Hello Team, Using Action Step we want to update fields for the "Customer" in Zoho Books, but "Update Customer" in Zoho Books is not available in Pabbly Action Steps. Requesting you add this Action Step on priority. Awaiting someone's reply on the same.
  8. Kumar

    Zoho Books Organization drop-down is not coming

    Hello Team, In Zoho Books, for the action "get contact by email", there is a mandate to enter the organization name but the drop-down is not giving any option to select from the previous step results. Attached screenshot, kindly guide me on this.
  9. Kumar

    Pabbly Connect unable to fetch contact email id

    Okay, is there any way to send Name, Email toghether in one go?
  10. Kumar

    Pabbly Connect unable to fetch contact email id

    Flowlu team is saying, pabbly didn't follow their instructions. Here is the thread for that discussion, https://share.fgrade.com/GGu4AYYn, https://www.facebook.com/groups/flowlu/posts/915526936051667
  11. Kumar

    Pabbly Connect unable to fetch contact email id

    When we create a contact in flowlu unable to get most of its data into pabbly connect, whereas the same functionality working well in Integrately. You can watch from 22:00 sec onwards in this video . This issue was reported earlier, that time Pabbly team stated issue with Flowlu then even asked...
  12. Kumar

    OutplayHQ API launched

    Hi, Looking for Outplayhq Integration, here is their API documentation https://documenter.getpostman.com/view/16947449/TzsikPV1 Awaiting this integration ASAP.
  13. Kumar

    Webhook is not collecting flowlu complete data

    Storing organization & industry details next to contact is important for better targetting.
  14. Kumar

    Webhook is not collecting flowlu complete data

    how to view categories, organization, and industry details in this webhook response?
  15. Kumar

    Webhook is not collecting flowlu complete data

    I have connected webhooks to send contact details, but category, Industry, Organization, custom field data is not coming via Webhook Check this screen share https://share.fgrade.com/4gunvN5L, We want all this data should come in one particular webhook action. Flowlu team is saying this should...
  16. Kumar

    Pabbly Connect Experts and Consultants

    Name: Mr. Kumar Company Name: F-Grade Global Services Pvt Ltd Email: [email protected] Connect me: https://hello.fgrade.com/meeting/fgrade/phanindrakumar?interval=30