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    How to get the product name in Razorpay Webhook Response? Here's a great workaround found by @Fagun Shah which works perfectly. You will be able to get the product name in the webhook response -...
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    TikTok Lead Generation

    Here's a short video showing how to capture the response for TikTok Lead Generation trigger events - Further you can view the TikTok forms in your TikTok Ads Manager as shown below -
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    Token Not Valid Error When you're getting the above error, then most probably you have entered the subdomain wrongly while adding the API keys - In order to resolve the above issue, please make sure you're entering the subdomain correctly as shown below - Here's how you can get the...
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    Error: Webhook Response does not include full information In order to get full information, you will be required to use another action of Instamojo "Get Payment Details". It will provide you full information about the transaction such as amount, name, email address, city, state and many more...
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    Facebook Lead Ads

    Empty Data Error When your Lead Ads form does not hold any lead information, you will probably see an error as shown below - How to fix it? If your Lead Ads form has no lead information, then you can submit dummy lead information using the Facebook test tool. Simply submit the lead form and...
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    How to add more task in your Pabbly Connect account?

    You can simply click on the "Upgrade" button and can purchase any suitable plan in order to add more tasks to your Pabbly Connect account. You will have the option to purchase either monthly or yearly or 2-yearly or 3 yearly plans.
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    List of free tasks in Pabbly Connect

    The following modules will be considered as free tasks in Pabbly Connect - All Types of Triggers: Webhooks Email Parser Schedule All Application Specific Triggers Internal Action Tasks: Number Formatter Iterator Text Formatter Data Transformer Router Filter Date/Time Formatter JSON...
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    How to cancel Pabbly Connect subscription?

    You can fill this form for canceling subscription - Or can post the request for canceling the subscription here - Or you can find the option for cancelling subscription in your Pabbly...
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    Authenticating Slack application in Pabbly Connect now requires entering token types based on different permission access. You will be needing to enter the token type as either "user" or "bot". With the token type as "user", you will have the following permissions - Add Star Remove Star...
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    How to enter Webhook URL over Discord for sending messages?

    1. Login to your Discord account. 2. Open your Server Settings and head into the Integrations tab 3. Click the "Create Webhook" button to create a new webhook and then copy the webhook URL. 4. Once you have copied the webhook URL, paste in the webhook URL field as shown below and...
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    How to split text?

    You can make use of text formatter for splitting the text. You will just need to enter the text you want to be split, and enter the separator value as well. In the response, you will get the split text. Below are some examples of using the text formatter - ======== =================
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    How to check task allotted, task consumed used and task remaining?

    You can check the task allotted, task conumsed and task remaning from Setting section as shown below -
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    How to change format of date and time?

    In order to change the format of date and time, you need to use the Date/Time Formatter in action as shown below - 1. Add/Subtract Time: Using this method you can add or subtract a certain time amount like 8 hr or 8 days or 8 weeks or 8 months, and so on. You will just need to enter the date...
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    How to update credentials of existing applications in a workflow?

    We have made a tutorial on the steps that need to be followed in order to update credentials of existing applications in a workflow -
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    Is Webhook URL not unique for each workflow?

    The webhook URL is unique for every workflow. Further, the webhook URL of your workflow is not visible if you're sharing a workflow with somebody. The other person with whom you're sharing the workflow won't be able to see your workflow's webhook URL in any case.
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    Does the main account holder have access to sub accounts in Pabbly Subscription Billing?

    Yes, the owner of the main account can access the sub-accounts and can view data as well. For Example. 10 Accounts is an agency license of Pabbly Subscription Billing that allows you to create 9 sub-accounts along with your 1 main account. 9 sub-accounts can be assigned to any client of yours...
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    Can we change/update account email address of Pabbly Subscription Billing account?

    As per our policy, we don't entertain updating or changing the account email address of the Pabbly Subscription Billing account. Please go through the terms and conditions here for more information -
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    How to convert email address in hashed value?

    In order to convert email address in hashed value, you need to use Data Transformer as shown below - Then you will get the results Encode form which you can use in further step.
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    How to use Spreadsheet Formulas in Pabbly Connect?

    Pabbly Connect supports 300+ Spreadsheet functions. Most of the functions supported by Excel or Google Sheets can be used directly inside Pabbly Connect. Steps to use: 1. Choose App: Number Formatter 2. Choose Method: Spreadsheet Formulas 3. Use the formula you want to use and click on “Save...