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  1. Fagun Shah

    Google Sheets Delete Row

    They replied on my thread(private) that they have made the required changes and now it supports the selection of sheets instead of 1st sheet of the spreadsheet. Check it from your side once.
  2. Fagun Shah

    Google Sheets Delete Row

    This is already in the pending queue as told to me earlier. It should come soon
  3. Fagun Shah

    Pabbly Connect Webhook Problem

    If you're available for zoom call PM me on my FB messenger link below,it is free.
  4. Fagun Shah

    Hubspot custom property checkbox type issue

    @Supreme this requires passing multiple values also and keep old values of the same property instead of removing it.
  5. Fagun Shah

    India Post API to get details of PIN Code

    API Link -
  6. Fagun Shah

    watsapp api with pabbly

    Here is one of the video - You can use WATI or 360Dialog or WA.Team or Chat-API.
  7. Fagun Shah

    Pabbly Connect Webhook Problem

    Try in incognito mode and if it does not solves the issue feel free to PM me on FB, and I will help you to solve this issue for free via Zoom Call.
  8. Fagun Shah

    RSS Feed Integration

    Not available yet, you can upvote it here - And as an alternative you can use IFTTT to use RSS as trigger andthen send data to pabbly webhook form there.
  9. Fagun Shah

    Google sheet trigger not working !!

    How are you adding a new row in Google Sheet? Helpful Article by Pabbly Team - Helpful Video from My YouTube Channel -
  10. Fagun Shah

    Double Trigger.

    I am not understanding what exactly you want to do. Better if you can share a screenrecording.
  11. Fagun Shah

    Double Trigger.

    Why do you want two triggers in 1 workflow? Why don't you just use webhook URL in both trigger apps? Or If you mean how to trigger two workflows withsingle webhook URL then watch this -
  12. Fagun Shah

    connect Fluent CRM[Outgoing Web-hook]

    Here is a blog from Fluent CRM on how to use Outbound Webhook to send data to other application like Pabbly Connect -
  13. Fagun Shah

    'Iterator' shows Nothing Selected

    Did you toggled of simple response in Get Rows action step?
  14. Fagun Shah

    Better Uptime webhook

    Pabbly has FluentForms as trigger(webhook) so you can get data from fluetform into pabbly connect. Then use Create monitor action of betteruptime.
  15. Fagun Shah

    Get Google Docs Content

    Which action you use for this in Zapier?
  16. Fagun Shah

    WhatsApp API & WordPress

    You can use any official or unofficial API of whatsapp with pabbly connect. To use Wordpress as a trigger first you need to decide when you want to send the message, form submission, new order placed etc. Based on that there are many tutorials created by Pabbly Team on their youtube channel -...
  17. Fagun Shah

    How to use TEXT FORMATTER

    @Supreme please look into this.
  18. Fagun Shah

    How to use TEXT FORMATTER if DONNA is not ofund then what will you pass in tag4= ?
  19. Fagun Shah

    How to use TEXT FORMATTER

    Try this and see it works for different text or not -