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    Chat API not working please help

    We are unable to see the Chat API action step in your workflow. Please check at your end and confirm the same.
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    [Sendinblue Integration] Update Request

    We have added the request for the same. Please do upvote here -
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    Data transform functions in Pabbly Connect

    We checked the possibility for your use case, and as of now unfortunately its not possible.
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    How do I add a user to my Pabbly Connect account?

    This issue should be fixed. Please check after clearing the cache once. Right now, we don't have a team member feature in Pabbly Connect. You can request for building this feature here - Further, we are actually looking forward to...
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    Add user to Pabbly account

    Yes, she can do that. They can edit the workflow as per their requirements.
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    Add user to Pabbly account

    Currently, that is not possible. We have plans to come up with the team member feature for this down the line. You can upvote this feature request here as well - Yes you can share the workflow from your Pabbly Connect account to your...
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    India Post API to get details of PIN Code

    Thanks for connecting overcall. We will check with the team about your requirement and will update you.
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    Education Institute Helpful Automation Video Upload Please

    Watch different Whatsapp automation videos here to understand how it can be done - Once you have gone through the video, you can signup here for free account of Pabbly Connect and can start creating Whatsapp automation...
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    Education Institute Helpful Automation Video Upload Please

    Sure. We can create more playlists as well. You can check the current playlists here -
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    India Post API to get details of PIN Code

    Hey @sarodekunal8 Do you wish to create a Google form where people fill the form including the PIN code and in output, you will show the city, district, a post office that comes under the PIN Code? Please confirm, how exactly you want the form to be working. Meanwhile, we have a video that can...
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    Education Institute Helpful Automation Video Upload Please

    We have a lot of automation video tutorials that you check on our Youtube channel here -
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    Wordpress from to pabbly

    Watch the first part here for connecting Contact Form 7 - Watch the second part to send the Whatsapp message. You can use any application for sending Whatsapp messages as per choice like WATI, Chat API, etc -
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    Wordpress from to pabbly

    Which application you're using for creating the form and then embedding it over your WordPress website? We will need to check if we provide integration with that form builder application.
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    MS SQL

    Right now, only actions are available for MySQL integrations -
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    how to connect aisensy watsapp api with pebble connect

    We don't have an integration with Aisensy WhatsApp API currently. You can request for building integration with them here -
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    Set Up Google sheet with fb leads

    Check this video tutorial for the same - We got more than 1000+ video tutorial which you can check here -
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    Please add ShortySMS

    If you want to request for building up new integrations, please send us the request here and upvote it -
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    WATI Templates

    You can create unlimited workflows. The only limitation is the number of tasks you get in your Pabbly Connect account. Check the pricing plans of Pabbly Connect here - You can check this video to know how tasks are calculated for a workflow below -
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    WATI Templates

    Yes your workflow is setup perfectly and its working fine as well - You can click on the History section to check the workflow exectuions.
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    Problem of Different applications send same webhook

    We have replied to your another thread -