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    Use with matching fields in action event

    Applications = Fluent CRM And Begin CRM Work Flow Name = Free Webinar - #03 - 15Jan2022 - [Create Contact And Deal] Fluent CRM To ZOHO BIGIN CRM we have got the successful response from the fluent CRM and that data we need to transfer to begin CRM but we have an issue with matching that contact...
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    Issue with the trigger Response

    Application Name = Fluent CRM and Begin CRM Work Flow Name = 15Jan2022 - Fluent CRM To ZOHO BIGIN CRM Goal = Trigger Data From Fluent CRM along with its tags which are assigned for that data. We have created a workflow in Pabbly connection that is... The data which is in the fluent CRM as to...
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    Issue with an Automation

    Applications 1. Active campaign 2. Fluent CRM We have created an automation in Active campaign that has send Contact information to the Fluent CRM but this not working properly so please review our work flow and guide us. Work Flow Name: 13Jan2022 - Active Campaign Automation To Fluent CRM
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    connect Fluent CRM[Outgoing Web-hook]

    Hey, Question No-01= We want to connect Fluent CRM[Outgoing Webhook] as a trigger event and get the response. We Don't know the exact procedure so please guide us. Question No-02 = Where to paste the Webhook URL in fluent CRM. Question No-03 = After getting the response from the fluent CRM...
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    the automation which we have created is failed do action

    The application used are 1. Webinar Kit 2. Send in Blue 3. Fluent CRM 4. Pabbly connection Work Flow Step 01=>This automation is not related to the Pabbly connection. In the webinar kit, We have created a new webinar for our targeted audience so that whenever the participants register and...
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    error in a zoom automation

    why is this error message ? what does this mean
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    WooCommerce : Create an Order (with Line Items) ?

    WHAT IS - WooCommerce : Create an Order (with Line Items) ? when to use this option over WooCommerce : Create an Order
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    all data from sendinblue is not catured

    data like name and phone number is not capture from sendinblue webhook .. kinldy support . image attached qutomation name - Suman Test
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    razorpay page payment to woocommerce order creation

    i have a razorpay page payment once the paymet is done then i want the user account to be created in my wordpress website and also woocommerce order to be created. i tries flow in the name of "sajjantest tutor" however the issue is the prouct is not showing to go further. i am using tutor LMS...
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    woocommerce to zoom

    I have triger as woocommerce new order created and then addd to zoom but if the order status is pending also people were getting added to zoom. so i created filter status but now the orders are not at all working, every order is blocked. kinldy assist so that only order which are completed gets...
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    sendinblue name issue

    name and phone number from the email list is not appearing in the pabbly form sendin blue ... kinldy assist image attached
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    Pabbly Connect ltd OFFER ?

    when is LTD offere ending ? and what will happen after that ?
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    woocomerce failure to google sheet ?

    Cannot find the woocomerce failure trigger ? how to send the failures to google sheet
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    wordpress user to bitrix crm ?

    how do i connect wordpress user to bitrix crm as leads ? i understood how to get the new registration form worpress but now how do i connect it to bitrix ? i have inbound web hooks of it as i have premium version of bitrix ... any way how to do this ? i know bitrix is not at in your list ...
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    fb lead to google sheet

    I have coonected FB Lead add to google sheet ... however leads are not showingup on sheet .. i checked and all looks fine in the automation.. leads in fb are also comming but not landing in goggle sheet .. not sure why .. kinldy help this is the automantion titel - {Fitzoh}Facebook Lead...
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    how to get instamojo failures to google sheet ?

    how to get instamojo failures to google sheet ? not able to find the triger
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    Manual Data entry to pass to google sheet

    when i am connecting razor pay to google sheet , apart from data present ther if i want to add some manual numbers or text field , how can i do it ? so that every data enterd to google sheet has that data which i enterd too in it.
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    issue with connecting razor pay to zoom

    i did all steps correctly but still its showing error .. i have a paid version of zoom here is the issue video link -
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    amo crm lead creation with pabbly fields missing ?

    amo crm lead creation with pabbly fields missing. as you can see that even in quick lead creation of amo we have fields like phone number and email id .. butwhen we connect a lead in pabbly these basic fields are missing. why so ? is there some tech restriction to do that ? or can you still add...