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    Date Time Formatter.

    Pabbly Team. Need to check this request received.
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    Different Types of Sales Status

    You may see different status in the different tabs to indicate the status of subscriptions, sales, invoices, etc through colored dots. Here is some information on status that you see in sales tab. Refund: It's represented by red color dot. It indicates that a refund has been made to a customer...
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    Different Types of Customer Status

    Paid Unpaid
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    Different Types of Subscription Status

    When you explore Pabbly Subscription, you will notice the following are the different types of Subscription statuses : Live - Live as a status of a subscription is indicated when a customer is successfully subscribed to an active/live plan. Pending - Pending as a status of a subscription is...
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    Different Types of Invoices Status

    When you explore Pabbly Subscription, you will notice following are the different types of Invoice statuses : Sent - Status as Sent is indicated in two cases and they are mentioned below: a) When you offer a Payment term for any subscription, the status of the Invoice is indicated as “Sent”...
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    Webhook Sending Guide

    Webhook is an HTTP callback or simple “event-notification” via HTTP POST. Events are broadly categorized into 6 types in Pabbly Subscriptions. The Webhook is triggered when the below-listed event(s) is triggered- 1. Customer Events Customer Create – When a customer is created. Customer Delete...
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    Paddle Integration

    Paddle Integration currently supports one-time payment. The recurring subscription payments are also supported but it will not be charged automatically. On the billing renewal date, an invoice will be sent to the customer and they will have to pay the invoice manually. Below are the limitations...
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    Pabbly Forms and Pabbly Connect Integration

    Pabbly Forms and Pabbly Connect are now tightly integrated together. This means if someone submits the form inside Pabbly Forms. You can send the data to Pabbly Connect in real-time via Webhooks for processing. You can then process that form data internally inside Pabbly Connect. You can later...
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    Date Time Functions to Fetch Current Date and Time in different formats

    4 Quick Functions for Time Added to Pabbly Connect. {{pc_utc_human_now}} This function will output the current time in UTC Time Zone. Example: 09/08/2021 03:29AM {{pc_local_human_now}} This function will output the current time in your local time zone. The local time zone needs to be set up...
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    Pabbly Connect Timeout Limit Error: Response Not Received in 15 Seconds

    The maximum allowed timeout with Pabbly is 15 seconds. Pabbly will wait up to 15 seconds for the response to come from your external software, otherwise, it will cancel the wait at its end. If your system takes more than 15 seconds for sending the response: Below is the better way to manage...
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    Run Workflow Every Week or Every Month.

    1. Every Week on Specific Day. Sometimes you may want to run your workflow on schedule on every Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday of the week. This is a sample workflow PDF on how you can do it at your end.
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    Trigger for Custom Property in Hubspot

    Contact Updated Trigger. Show Custom Property as well. The team will update the thread here once they update the trigger based on the requirement. Thanks
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    Automatic Reply to the YouTube Comments

    The workflow below shows how you can send random Auto-replies to the comments on your YouTube video. This is how automation will reply to the comments. We are using the automation on our own YouTube Channel. This is the Google Sheet of the pre-written replies. Pabbly Connect will pick random...
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    {Fixed} Regarding ongoing authorization issue with GumRoad

    GumRoad authorization works fine when we test it on localhost or via Postman. But as soon as we use the same authorization on Pabbly Connect, it starts to return blank response. It seems when the request is made through the Pabbly Connect's IP, it is not responding. It may happen with some...
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    Interesting automation with Pabbly Connect and Amazon Echo Smart Speaker

    When you submit a form, you get the form submission details on your smart speaker. Shared with me by a Pabbly Connect user.
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    How to add multiple IPN URL in PayPal

    To setup the IPN in your PayPal Account. Step 1: Login to your PayPal account and click on Account Settings. Step 2: Under Account settings, look for Notification menu item in the left bar and than click on Instant payment notification Update link. Step 3: Enter the webhook URL of one...
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    How to extract Phone Number from the user submitted numbers.

    Lot of people submit their numbers in different formats like: 1) 9876543211 2) +919876543211 3) 919876543211 4) 91-9876543211 5) 09876543211 Step 1: Extract Number only from the string. This will eliminate dashes and blank spaces from the user submitted number. Step 2: Map the result...
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    How to get download link for a Google Drive Docs & Slides File.

    1. For Google Docs File. (Use the Sample URL below to download the file, Replace {{documentid}} with the id of the original document. You document should be publicly accessible. > Sample:{{documentid}}&exportFormat=pdf >...
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    Pabbly Connect Experts and Consultants

    If you are a Pabbly Connect expert and can help other customers in building their workflows. Feel free to add your details below. You can mention following details: 1. Your Name: 2. Your Company Name: 3. Contact Email/Any Appointment Scheduling Link: 4. Any expertise area that you want to...
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    How to Integrate your application with Pabbly Connect: Integration Guide

    Pabbly Connect Integration Guide Below is a way in which you can get your application integrated inside Pabbly Connect. Start building your app integration through this link: There are 2 main ways to integrate your application and the need of users will define...